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Season V, which will be the final season, is starting! Costume contests are also held!


This year, the official online world tournament " CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2020 " will be held starting in June for "Street Fighter V " (hereafter referred to as "STO V").
In February, "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" was released, which includes the main game and more than 2,000 contents, and Seth, the last character added in Season 4, has been added to the game.
The final season of Street Fighter V, "Season V," has finally begun!

ストリートファイターVの公式オンライン世界大会「CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2020」が6月より開幕!

New characters and stages are under development!

SFV:CE デベロッパーズ アップデート
SFV:CE Developer's Update

In "Season V " of STO V, we have announced that "V(5)" new characters and 3 new stages are under development!
The five new characters have already been decided, but we can't wait to find out if they will be popular characters from the past or new characters!
We can't wait to find out! More information will be announced this summer, so let's all wait with anticipation!

Costume Contest" is now open! The application period is now open!

SFV Designer Design Ideas

One of the most appealing features of Strike V is that you can dress up the characters in various costumes.
The default costumes are of course cool, but there are also a wide variety of cool, cute, comical, and collaborations with other characters.
Some of them have become icons of each player, as in "this player wears this costume of this character".
This is your chance to be a part of these fascinating costumes! The "Costume Contest" was held!

The "Costume Contest" is a special project in which contestants vote to select two costumes to be implemented in the game from among the costume designs submitted.
Costume designs will be accepted from May 28, 2020 (Thursday) until July 22, 2020 (Wednesday) at 15:59, and the voting period will be from August 18, 2020 (Tuesday) at 2:00 until September 1, 2020 (Tuesday) at 15:59.
The two winning costumes will be announced in early September 2020!
This is your chance to have your costume engraved in the history of Street Fighter! Let's give it a try!
Please check the Shadaloo Fighter Institute Costume Design Contest page for the entry image format and application guidelines!

Free EX09 Colors!

Default Costume: Color EX09

The default costume color EX09, which was an early purchase bonus for the "Street Fighter V Champion Edition", is now available for free!
It will be distributed to all users free of charge after the maintenance on May 27th, so you can try the cool color and fight with a fresh mind!

Sto V still going strong!

After a series of upgrades since its launch in February 2016, Sto V is finally in its final season.
The members of Saiga NAK also bought the game right after its release and played against it in the office, so it's kind of emotional for us.
That being said, Season V has only just begun, so there's no doubt that there's plenty more excitement to come!
Let's wait for more news about new characters and stages in the summer!
For more details and additional information, please visit the official "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" website!


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"Street Fighter V Champion Edition" is finally on sale! New character "Seth" can also be used!
"Street Fighter V Champion Edition" is finally on sale! New character "Seth...

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