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There is also the announcement of "Season V"! "Street Fighter V Summer Update" broadcast decision!

「シーズンV」の発表もあり!「ストリートファイターV サマーアップデート」放送決定!

CAPCOM Pro Tour Online is currently being held every weekend around the world, and CAPCOM's world-class fighting game "Street Fighter V" ( hereafter referred to as "STV") is the gold standard for competitive fighting games.
Daigo Umehara(@daigothebeastJP), one of Japan's leading professional gamers, was crowned the winner of the Asia-East Grand Tournament 1 held on July 25 and 26, 2020, and qualified for the final tournament "CAPCOM CUP 2020"! Congratulations!

After many seasons since its launch in 2016, the final season, " Season V," is finally underway! It was announced that development is underway.
With 5 new characters and 3 new stages to be added, there has been a lot of speculation about what characters will be added, and the " Street Fighter V Summer Update " program will be aired to announce the latest information!


The development team will be bringing you the latest news!

ストリートファイターV サマーアップデート
Street Fighter V Summer Update

In the "Street Fighter V Summer Update", the development team of Street Fighter V will announce the latest information about Street Fighter V, eSports, and more!
There will also be an announcement about the final season, "Season V", so let's look forward to what they have to announce!
Special guests will also "participate" in the event, and you may even get to see a pro play...?
The broadcast will take place on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 2:00 PM Japan time, late at night, but you won't want to miss it!
The broadcast will be on three platforms: Twitch (Capcom Fighters), YouTube ( Capcom Fighters), and Facebook ( Street Fighter)!

PS4 version of Strike V is on sale!

If you've been watching the hot fights on CPT Online and want to start playing Strike V yourself, we have good news for you!
Street Fighter V " and "Street Fighter V Champion Edition " for PS4 are currently on sale at the PlayStation Store!

ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション
Street Fighter V Champion Edition

Street Fighter V is now on sale for 50% off from 1,990 yen to 995 yen! Street Fighter V Champion Edition " is on sale from 3,990 yen to 2,992 yen, 25% off!
The "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" includes a huge amount of additional content, as well as a set of characters that have been released so far, so it's a great deal in terms of content!
Why don't you take this opportunity to throw yourself into that hot battle!

2020 Premier Pass additional cosmetics and stages are now available!

The paid DLC " Capcom Pro Tour: 2020 Premier Pass " will be available in March 2020!
This is a special set that includes costumes for Lucia and Gil designed by iDom, the winner of the Capcom Cup 2019.
At the time of distribution, one character costume and an additional stage remained unannounced, but the contents have been announced and will be available on Wednesday, July 29, 2020!

ルシア&ギルの新コスチュームも!「ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション」にコンテンツパック「Capcom Pro Tour: 2020 Premier Pass」が登場!

The last costume arrangement that was a secret will be Lara' s CPT2020 costume!

"Lara" CPT2020 Costume

It's a cute yellow blazer costume with a Japanese high school girl look.

And the additional stage is the CPT2020 stage "RING OF PROSPERITY"!


This stage has a solemn, coliseum-like atmosphere that will make for some tense matches!

The "Capcom Pro Tour: 2020 Premier Pass", which includes three costumes, a stage, a title and EX colors, is on sale now for 2,000 yen (tax included)!
Lara's CPT2020 costume is available for 600 yen (tax included), and the CPT2020 stage "Ring of Prosperity" can be purchased separately for 1,000 yen (tax included).

The introduction PV has been updated to coincide with the start of distribution, so be sure to check it out as well!

Join the battle!

The ongoing CPT Online is a lot of fun just to watch, but it will be even more exciting if you play Strike V yourself!
If you haven't played before, now is the perfect time to get in on the Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V Champion Edition sales!
Why not brush up your skills before "Season V" is released?
For more information, please visit the official Street Fighter V Champion Edition website!


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Street Fighter "World Exhibition of Stronger Guys Than Me" that had been postponed will be held by advance reservation system!
Street Fighter "World Exhibition of Stronger Guys Than Me" that had been postpon...

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