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"Legendary Edition" which was a set of DLC in "Shadowverse Champions Battle" and the price was also advantageous is released!

「シャドウバース チャンピオンズバトル」にDLCがセットになって価格もお得なった「レジェンダリーエディション」が発売!

Card battle RPG set in the world of the popular TV anime " Shadowverse " based on Cygames' authentic smartphone card battle " Shadowverse ", Nintendo Switch " ShadowverseBattle of Champions ".
Shadowverse" is a highly acclaimed RPG that allows players to explore the world of the "Shadowverse" anime while maintaining a deep sense of strategy, and has been played by people of all ages since its release in November 2020.
The "Shadowverse" anime will return as "ShadowverseF" in April 2022, and "Shadowverse Champions Battle" will also return in conjunction with it! Shadowverse Champions Battle" will also be returning!
The Nintendo Switch "Shadowverse Champions Battle Legendary Edition " is now available!


The Legendary Edition includes the main game and legendary cards!

Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトル レジェンダリーエディション
Shadowverse Champions Battle of Champions Legendary Edition

The "Shadowverse Champions Battle Legendary Edition" is a title that includes the " Shadowverse Ch ampions Battle" for Nintendo Switch and the paid DLC " Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Cards". The main game is a good thing, but the Legendary Edition is not.
The main game is a good thing, but what is the "Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Cards" DLC set that comes with the game?
It is a paid DLC released in February 2021, and in addition to the legendary cards featured in the "Shadowverse" TV anime, it includes emblems, card sleeves, gold, card packs, and legendary cards (randomly selected).
And the most important legendary cards included in the package are

プレミアムパス+10レベル 伝説のカード
Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Cards
  • Shining Valkyrie
  • Legendary Sword Commander
  • Seventh Force Sorcerer
  • Infinite Flame Dragon
  • Dead Soul Taker
  • Abyss Doomlord
  • Imperial Saint

... There are seven types of cards. All of these cards are absolutely essential, so it's great that they're all included in the set from the start!
Plus, you'll get the points needed to raise your season level by 10, so even if you're just starting out, it won't take you long to get up to speed with those who have been playing for a long time!
Another important thing to consider is the price, as I can't blame you for thinking that a title that was released over a year ago is a bit much to pay full price for.
Normally, "Shadowverse Champions Battle" costs 5,980 yen (tax included) and the "Premium Pass + 10 Level Legendary Cards" costs 3,000 yen (tax included), so the combined price is 8,980 yen (tax included).
However! Shadowverse Champions Battle Legendary Edition" is 2,530 yen (including tax), less than half, or even less than one-third the price of the original!
Why don't you take this opportunity to start playing the game just in time for the "ShadowverseF" TV anime that will start airing in April?
"Shadowverse Champions Battle Legendary Edition" will be on sale on March 24, 2022 (Thursday)! The packaged version is available at all retailers, and the downloadable version is available at My Nintendo Store or on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch!
For more information, please visit the official "Shadowverse Champions Battle" website.


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Premium Pass"Legendary Cards" and "Season 4" are now available in "Shadowverse Champions Battle"!
Premium Pass"Legendary Cards" and "Season 4" are now available in &quo...

The card battle RPG and Nintendo Switch by which the world of a very popular cartoon based on authentic SUMAHOKADOBATORU "Shadowverse" in Cygames &quo

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