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Vantan Game Academy will be exhibiting at TGS2022! 8 works including a game collaborated with Moe Iori are announced!


With the vision of creating the world's closest school to society, " Vantan Inc. " educates human resources through classes taught by active instructors and practical education.
Vantan Game Academy, a school specializing in content creators founded by Vantan in 1991, has opened schools in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and recently announced that it will open a school in Fukuoka in March 2024.
Vantan Game Academy has announced that it will exhibit at "Tokyo Game Show 20 22" (TGS2022), which will be held at Makuhari Messe from September 15 (Thursday) to September 18 (Sunday), 2022.


Vantan Game Academy will exhibit at TGS2022!


Vantan Game Academy has announced its participation in TGS2022, and this will be the 8th consecutive year that Vantan Game Academy has exhibited at TGS.
This year's exhibit will include action games using the latest equipment developed by members of the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya schools that allow students to walk on their own feet in a VR space, as well as romance games for women and VR action games!

Ms. Moe Iori

And the game produced by Moe Iori (@iorimoe_five) just for TGS will also appear!

List of Exhibits

"LAST RESORT" (Tokyo School)

In this VR action game, players take on the role of a protagonist who has gained supernatural powers and must save the city from monsters.
Players can become a hero who saves the city by defeating the monsters in a spectacular manner.
The ultimate interactive game where players can actually run and shoot by using the walking VR device "KATWALK mini S".

Developer's Comment

We just want to create an experience that has never existed before! I want to deliver it! We created the game while exchanging a variety of ideas with the desire to "create an unprecedented experience!
We are very excited that the general public will be able to come to the event this year!
Along with the experience of the fear and power of the monsters, we are also focusing on the experience of becoming a hero with super powers yourself, and we have introduced VR and KATWALK to help you feel those experiences even more.
We hope you enjoy it!


"Hiding Zombie".

Hiding Zombie was produced by Moe Iori for TGS!
Hiding Zombie is a 2D side-scrolling stealth game set in the 1960's world where some phenomenon triggered a zombie outbreak, and you are a child zombie scared of humans who goes looking for his mother.

Developer's Comment

This was the most difficult and challenging project in my student life.
It is a work that all of us on the team have worked hard to make sure that we all felt satisfied with and moved forward with Iori Moe, while respecting her requests.
Our team consists of relatively many first- and second-year students, but we worked hard to produce this project with the same level of competence as the third- and fourth-year students. Please go ahead and play with us!


"Monstruction VR - The Breaking Monster - V Rex Attacks! (MonStruction VR - Hakaiju)" (MonStruction VR - Hakaiju)

This is a VR action game in which the player takes the role of "V Rex," a monster feared by humans, and aims to destroy the city by stomping, punching, and spitting heat rays while walking around freely.
The V-Rex destroying the city will be shown on a monitor in the venue from a different viewpoint, providing a fun experience not only for the player but also for the audience.

Developer's Comment

The key point of this game is that you can become a giant monster! The point of this game is that you can have the "unrealistic experience" of "becoming a giant monster yourself!
The "monster" that I saw in special effects when I was a child. What would happen if I became one?
The whole team worked hard to incorporate these fantasies into a VR game!


"Nori Danshi! Tokyo School

Nori Danshi!" is a romance game for women that personifies "Nori" and "rice". !", a romance game for women that personifies the words "Nori" and "Rice".
In this romance game for women, players take on the role of Akita Komachi, the main character, in a heart-warming school story where she meets a good "Nori" who she will spend the rest of her life with.

Developer's Comment

This project started with a call to people who like otome and novel games for an on-campus exhibition.
The title "Nori Danshi! and we went through a number of revisions to make it visually appealing to people.
We also worked closely with the scenario writers to create a worldview that is consistent with the game.
We hope you will stop by and play the game.


Cheese Roll" <Tokyo School

The story takes place at the World Cheese Roll Awards.
It is a 3D run game for smartphones in which players roll cheese on a griddle to complete a dish.
More than 140 3D models appear in the game, and players swipe to overcome obstacles and acquire various ingredients as they aim for the highest rating in the cheese cooking competition.

Developer's Comment

This work started from a proposal that I came up with from scratch.
It has since gone beyond a proposal to a casual run game that was created by a total of 20 people from different departments, and was a labor of love!
We are very honored that our game will be played on the big stage of Tokyo Game Show.
We are very honored that our game will be played on the big stage of the Tokyo Game Show, and we hope that many people will enjoy it even in the short time we have here.


"SugarBreak" (Tokyo School)

SugarBreak" is an adventure 3D action game in which players fight against a bitter chocolate army that has invaded a world made of sweets, using various weapons created with their knowledge of candy making.

Developer's Comment

The impetus for creating this work came from two people, a programmer and designer who both love consumer games, who decided to take on the challenge of developing a voluminous consumer game.
The designer wanted to create a game with a confectionery theme and the programmer wanted to create a 3D action game, so we decided to create a game in which the player freely adventures in a world of confectionery, which did not seem possible at the time.
We hope you enjoy this dream-filled experience in the world of sweets.


"Her hands are very warm. "<Tokyo School>

This is an adventure game in which the main character, lost in a tower just under the moon, meets Yurei and conquers a dungeon in which he is imprisoned, holding hands.
The game system pursues the emo aspect of "hand-holding", and we invite you to experience it for yourself!

Developer's Comment

We pursued the emo aspect of "hand-holding" throughout the entire production, but it was very difficult to incorporate it into the game as a system.
The game was completed by everyone, regardless of the roles of designers and programmers, by sharing ideas about the game.
The most appealing features of the game are the "cute character animation" and "detailed backgrounds.
We hope you enjoy the overall atmosphere of the game as you play it.


BEATtack (Nagoya School)

BEATtack is a 3D action game where you fight enemies in rhythm and aim for a high score.

Developer's Comment

This game was created by a group of members who were interested in my project.
I myself was new to leading a team, some members were new to the technology, others had never touched Unreal Engine 5 before, and many others were new to the project.
We are nervous and anxious to showcase the game created through the hard work of each individual on the big stage of TGS, but at the same time, we are filled with anticipation.
I hope you will enjoy this game, which is filled with many firsts for the team members.


Moe Iori, dressed as a zombie, at the event!

Moe Iori, the producer of Hiding Zombie, will appear at TGS2022 dressed as a zombie from the game!
There will also be a photo session, where you can win a " ticket for the photo session " from a gacha (a gadget available at the booth) to participate in the photo session!
About 40 people are expected to attend the photo session, so please come and try "Hiding Zombie" and draw a ticket for the game's exclusive gacha!
The ticket for the photo session will be available on the morning of the event. Details of the photo session will be announced on the official Vantan Game Academy Twitter (@Red_Vantan ), so follow us and wait for more information!

Vantan Game Academy's booth will be located at " 2-N04 " in the Game School Corner.
If you visit the venue on the day of the event, why don't you come by and visit our booth!
For more information about the Vantan Game Academy booth, please visit the special site.

Comment from Moe Iori

I made a game with the students of Vantan Game Academy just for TGS!
You control a cute child zombie and try to reach the goal, and Moe Zombie will help you!


Outline of the photo session
Date and Time Saturday, September 17, 2022, 15:30-17:00
Booth 2-N04 (in Game School Corner)
How to participate Play "Hiding Zombie" and draw a "ticket for a photo session" at the game gacha.
Number of people About 40 people


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