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Finally nasne is available on PS5! Delivery of "torne" app for PS5 is decided!


It will soon be one year since the release of "PlayStation 5 " (PS5) on November 12, 2020.
Although it has become a little easier to obtain compared to when it was first released, it will be a little while before it becomes commonplace to buy one, since it is still mainly sold by lottery, but many people are still impressed by the next-generation specifications.
The author is also using PS5 with super comfort, but I have one complaint.
It is not compatible with "nasne," a network recorder and media storage device that will be revived by Buffalo in March 2021.
They were planning to release a "torne" application for PS5 by the end of 2021 that would allow the use of "nasne" with PS5, but we are already into mid-November of 2021.
We were wondering if it would really be released by the end of this year, but finally the release date of the torne application for PS5 has been announced!

It will be available on November 24th!

TV application "torne

The " torne " TV application is an application for enjoying TV programs on your PlayStation.
As those who have used the "torne" application on PS3 and PS4 know, it has been very popular and easy to use.
The "torne" application for PS5 will maintain the popular concept of "torne PS4" for PS4 and "torne mobile" for smartphones and tablets, which are currently available, and will allow users to enjoy even more comfortable viewing with the unique features of PS5. The new features of "torne" for PS5 will allow users to enjoy even more comfortable viewing.

torne" TV application

torne" for PS5 starts up quickly, and each function of the application can be used immediately after startup.
The zoom-out function of the program list has been added one level further than before, making it easier to find and see the information you want to see. It is safe even on a large screen.
The number of frames displayed when fast-forwarding and fast-reversing has also been increased, so you can smoothly find the desired scene in recorded programs.

Media Remote Control for PS5

Operations can be performed not only with the DualSense wireless controller, but also with the PS5's dedicated media remote control.
With the media remote, you can operate the PS5 with one hand just as you would with a TV remote, and switching to other applications such as YouTube or Netflix is also smooth.

The long awaited "torne" application for PS5 will be available on November 24, 2021 (Thursday )!
The application itself will be free of charge, but the viewing and playback functions will be available for a fee of 500 yen (tax included), just like "torne mobile".
The app itself will be free, but the viewing and playback functions will cost 500 yen (tax included), the same as "torne mobile".
In addition, "Otoine" additional content that enhances the sound quality when viewing and playing back programs will be available for 1,320 yen (including tax), and the black-based design theme "torne black" will be available for 500 yen (including tax), so you can customize the environment to your liking. You can customize the environment to your liking.
Not only Buffalo's "nasne" but also SIE's "nasne " released until 2019 are supported, so you can transfer your existing SIE's "nasne" to PS5.
For details on the torne application for PS5, please visit PlayStation .Blog.

Move and dubbing" is now available with Buffalo's "nasne"!

On the same day that the torne app for PS5 is released on November 24, 2021 (Wednesday), a free update for Buffalo's nasne will be available!
The new feature, " Dubbing to Move" will be available!
The new feature, "Dubbing to Move", allows "nasne" devices connected to the same network to dub recorded program data from the "nasne HOME" screen.
In addition to programs recorded on the "nasne" itself, programs recorded on a connected external hard disk can also be dubbed, and data from SIE's "nasne" can also be dubbed to Buffalo's "nasne". It is also convenient when replacing the "nasne" with a new one.
Please note that it is possible to dub from SEE to Buffalo, but not from Buffalo to SEE.
To use the "Dubbing to Move" function, you will need to update the firmware on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, so please wait a little longer!

1,500 yen off until the 14th!

Buffalo's "nasne" is currently on sale for 29,800 yen (tax included) and can be purchased from the Buffalo Store on Amazon.co.jp.
A 1,500 yen off coupon is being distributed until November 14, 2021 (Thursday ), so those of you who have been waiting for PS5 compatibility, don't miss this chance!
The official inventory may run out and be resold at a high price due to the rush of people who have been waiting for PS5 compatibility.
As was the case when the Buffalo "nasne" went on sale, Buffalo officially resold the product at a very early stage, so if it is out of stock this time, they should be able to resell it if you wait a little.
Even if you really want to buy the resale-priced product, just wait a little longer!
For more information about the product, please visit the "nasne" product page on the official Buffalo website, and to purchase, please visit the Buffalo Store on Amazon.co.jp.


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Network Recorder & Media Storage "nasne" Revival! We plan to support PS5 until the end of 2021!
Network Recorder & Media Storage "nasne" Revival! We plan to support PS5 unt...

There should be quite much gamers who were under care of "torne (TORUNE" which can be used by the time when a hard disk recorder was still expensive,

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