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Kagase Uno, a talent belonging to Sony's VTuber project "VERSE", announces birthday delivery and commemorative goods order sales


The Sony Group is involved in products that are indispensable to the entertainment industry, such as Alpha, Walkman, PlayStation, and Xperia.
The entertainment division of the Sony Group is Sony Music Entertainment (SME), which also owns Aniplex and Sony Music Labels.
VTuber project " VERSEⁿ" by SME's Sony Music Labels has announced that they will be releasing a birthday video for their talent " Kagase Uno(@uno_kgs )" and selling commemorative goods on order. The announcement was made on March 12 (Sat.).

Birthday delivery on Saturday, March 12 at 20:00!


VERSEⁿ is a VTuber project by Sony Music Labels Inc. and Helixes Inc.
KagaseUno ", a member of the project, will celebrate his birthday on March 12, and will broadcast his birthday on YouTube to commemorate the day.

Birthday commemorative goods will also be on sale!

Also, birthday commemorative goods will be available for order from 19:00 on March 12 (Sat.).
Sales will take place at VERSEⁿs official BOOTH.
Orders will be taken until 23:59 on March 27 (Sun.), and the details of the commemorative goods are as follows

Birthday commemorative full set (with special offer)

VERSEⁿ 公式ストア

Price: 6,900 yen (tax included)

Canvas Art

カガセ・ウノ記念グッズVERSEⁿ 公式ストア

Illustration: Shugao (@haru_sugar02 )
Price: 4,800 yen (tax included)

Acrylic Key Chain

カガセ・ウノ記念グッズVERSEⁿ 公式ストア

Illustration: Mizuha (@megacycle13 )
Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)

Sticker set

カガセ・ウノ記念グッズVERSEⁿ 公式ストア

The set includes three pieces in the original package, in three sizes: approx. W90mm x H110mm, approx. W50mm x H70mm, and approx. W65mm x H65mm.
Price: 1,100 yen (tax included)

Please join the birthday delivery and get the commemorative goods!

The delivery will start at 20:00 tomorrow night. Commemorative goods will be available for sale starting tomorrow at 19:00. However, since they are made to order, production will begin after the order period ends, with shipping scheduled for late May 2022 to late July 2022.
Some products may not be available for order fulfillment, so we recommend ordering as soon as possible.


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