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Another new Xbox "Xbox Series S" official announcement!

もう1つの新型Xbox「Xbox Series S」正式発表!

New Xbox " Xbox Series X " to be released in November 2020
The new Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020, along with its competitor, the PlayStation 5, and game fans around the world are always excited to hear new information.
When the Xbox side announced new information, we went to check it out, and to our surprise, the announcement was way beyond what we had imagined!
Instead of the Xbox Series X, they have announced another new model, the Xbox Series S!

次世代Xbox「Xbox Series X」が2020年11月発売と発表

The smallest Xbox yet!

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

The "Xbox Series S" is the next generation Xbox with next generation performance in the smallest body.
The photos released show a much smaller body compared to the "Xbox Series X." The white body with what appears to be an exhaust port is a bit of a surprise.
The design features a white body with a black circle that appears to be an exhaust port.
The price is US$299, which seems to be relatively affordable, but what are the differences from the "Xbox Series X" besides the design and size?
As we were wondering, the official Xbox Twitter announced a launch trailer with new information about the "Xbox Series S"!

In terms of the specifics of the "Xbox Series S", it will be about 60% smaller than the "Xbox Series X" in size.
It will be equipped with a 512GB custom NVME SSD for faster loading, more stable frame rates, and ultra-low latency.
The "Xbox Series S" is all-digital with no disk drive, and the video is 1440P at up to 120FPS, with the possibility of upscaling to 4K quality.
At US$299 for these specs, I think it's fair to say that it's quite inexpensive.
The Xbox Series S will be released on November 10, 2020, the same date as the Xbox Series X. More information will be announced before the release date, so stay tuned!


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