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"Xenoblade 3" only "Xenoblade 3 Direct 2022.6.22" will be broadcast!

発売迫る「ゼノブレイド3」オンリーの「ゼノブレイド3 Direct 2022.6.22」の放送が決定!

In 2022, the company continues to release a series of blockbuster titles, including "Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus," "Kirby Discovery," "Nintendo Switch Sports," and many more! Nintendo Switch.
Most recently, "Mario Strikers Battle League" has just been released, while "Fire Emblem Warriors: Fuuka Yukigetsu" is about to hit the shelves. With the upcoming release of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break," there is never enough time to play games.
In addition, there are many big titles scheduled to be released in the near future, but I think " Xenoblade 3 " will be the one that attracts the most attention.
When it was announced at the Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10, it was scheduled to be released in September 2022, but it has been moved up to July 29, 2022 (Friday)! That's only a little over a month away!
In addition to new videos, "Xenoblade 3" has been revealing information in the game sequentially as "Xenoblade Note ", and it was announced that a "Xenoblade 3 Direct" only for "Xenoblade 3" will be aired! It has been announced that a "Xenoblade 3 Direct" will be aired on June 22 at 23:00.

Not just new games, but tons of remakes as well! "Nintendo Direct 2022.2.9" Announcement Summary!

The broadcast will begin at 23:00 on June 22nd!

Xenoblade 3 Direct 2022.6.22 " will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 23:00!
The content of the broadcast will be information about "Xenoblade 3", which will be released on July 29, 2022 (Friday), so it will be a "Xenoblade 3" only Direct!
Moreover, the broadcast time will be a massive 20 minutes!
It is likely that a lot of new information will be revealed, including the latest video.
Since the release of the game is coming soon, there may be some surprise information... so be sure to watch the broadcast in real time!
The broadcast will take place on the official Nintendo channel on YouTube andNico Nico Live, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel!
For more information on "Xenoblade 3 Direct 2022.6.22", please visit the special site, and for more information on "Xenoblade 3", please visit the official website!


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