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Ichiban Ku Lottery "Atsumare: Animal Crossing -Totally Enjoy! New Life like an Islander" will go on sale on March 26! A total of 8 grades, including a pigeon's nest apron!

一番くじ「あつまれ どうぶつの森 ~とことん満喫!島民気分な新生活~」が3月26日発売!ハトの巣エプロンなど全8等級で登場

The " Atsumare Animal Crossing " (hereinafter referred to as "Atsumori") lottery will go on sale at Seven-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, Nintendo TOKYO, OSAKA, and KYOTO nationwide on March 26, 2024 (Tuesday). The lottery will be on sale from March 26, 2024 (Tuesday). The lineup of goods is perfect for those who are starting a new life this spring.

The first raffle of ATSUMORI is now available!


Atsumori's Ichiban Kuji Lottery, "Atsumare Animal Crossing ~Totally Enjoy! The "Atsumare Animal Crossing lottery" will go on sale on March 26, 2024 (Tuesday ). This Ichiban Kuji Lottery will feature a total of 8 grades and 23 varieties, with the Last One Prize and Double Chance Campaign also available. The lottery ticket costs 7,00 yen (including tax) per draw, and there is no chance of missing out, so get your hands on some Atsumori goods by drawing the lottery. The lottery will be sold at Seven-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, NIntendo TOKYO, OSAKA, and KYOTO, so don't miss it when you find it! For details, please check the official Ichiban Kuji Lottery website.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Lineup List

Prize A: Gymnastics with a boom box! Shizue's alarm clock (total 1 kind)

Gymnastics with a boom box

! Shizue's

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that plays music from a boombox at a set time. Wake up early, do exercises, and start your day with a good feeling.

Prize B: Cafe Pigeon's Nest Apron (total 1 kind)

喫茶ハトの巣 エプロン
Pigeon's Nest Apron

An apron with the "Cafe Pigeon's Nest" logo on it. Wearing this apron, you can make a delicious cup of coffee.

Prize C: Ryoryomo DIY plate (total 1 kind)

Ryori also DIY! Plate

An easy-to-use deep plate type plate is now available. The plate features Mamekichi and Tsubukichi.

Prize D: Going out like an islander, paper bag style bag & purse assortment (4 kinds to choose from)

島民気分でおでかけ 紙袋風バッグ&巾着アソート
Feel like an islander and go out

, paper bag style bag & drawstring assortment


The familiar island bags are now available in paper bag-style bags and drawstring bags. The paper bag-like bag has a wrinkled finish, and you can choose one of the paper bag-style bag and kinchaku (drawstring). Since your belongings can be neatly organized, use it for going out or for storing small things!

Prize E: Have fun eating! Plate assortment (total of 4 types to choose from)


have fun eating!




Bowls and small plates designed by Atsumori. The four types are available in two bowls and two small plates, from which you can choose one. You can put your favorite fruits in the bowl with fruits on it, or put sweets with your coffee in the "Cafe Pigeon's Nest" small plate.

Prize F: Puka-puka clear bottle to enjoy by the seaside (choice of 3 types)

海辺で楽しむ ぷかぷかクリアボトル
Puka Puka Clear Bottle

for Fun at the Beach


A portable clear bottle that is convenient for rehydrating on the go is now available. They come in a total of three types and are designed with animals found in the sea, such as Kappei and Johnny.

Prize G: Various Island Fun♪ stickers (total of 5 types to choose from)

Various Island Fun♪ Stickers

Stickers that can be attached to message cards and organizers. The stickers are available in a total of five types and feature designs filled with island delights such as Tanuki's mileage and Totakeke's music.

Prize H: An assortment of island stationery that can be used every day (4 kinds to choose from)

An ass

ortment of island stationery that can be used every day


Mini notebooks and memo pads are available. A total of four designs are available in the lineup, with two types of mini notebooks and two types of memo pads to choose one. They are perfect for using as a diary or memo pad, or for writing DIY or ryori recipes.

Last One Prize: Gymnastics with a boombox! Tsubukichi & Mamekichi Alarm Clock

Gymnastics with a boombox

! Tsubukichi &

Mamekichi's Alarm Cl



If you draw the last lot of this lottery, you will get the last one prize: "Gymnastics with a boombox! You can get "Tsubukichi & Mamekichi's Alarm Clock" as the last one prize. Let's exercise with Tsubu-kichi and Mamekichi to the music played at the set time!

Double Chance Prize: Coffee Tea Server at Pigeon's Nest Coffee Shop (50 pieces in total)


The double chance prize is a coffee tea server with the Café Pigeon's Nest logo. It has a tea strainer, so you can brew not only coffee but also tea. If you use it together with the "Cafe Pigeon's Nest Apron" (prize B), you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Pigeon's Nest. The Double Chance Campaign can be entered by using the campaign number printed on the raffle ticket. The Double Chance Campaign period is from Tuesday, March 26, 2024 to the end of June, 2024. You can try as many times as you like for as many raffle tickets as you have drawn, so please try after drawing the raffle tickets!


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