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The last thing to divide the win or lose is communication! Gaming LAN Cable ASUS "ROG CAT7 Cable" is here!

最後に勝敗を分けるのは通信だ!ゲーミングLANケーブル ASUS「ROG CAT7 Cable」登場!

These days, it is commonplace for games to be connected to an Internet connection, whether for downloading and purchasing titles and DLC, updating, or playing with people who are far away from each other.
Especially nowadays, there are more and more opportunities to play games online, partly because it is becoming more difficult to actually get together and play at the Corona Disaster and partly because it is becoming more difficult to hold offline e-sports events.
When you are actually playing online, do you ever worry about the impact of communication, such as matching speed or lag during the game?
Although rapid technological advances in recent years have made it possible to achieve high speeds even over Wi-Fi, they still cannot match the stability and speed of a wired connection with a LAN cable.
However, did you know that even if you have a wired connection, if the LAN cable is old or the standard is outdated, the speed will not be fast enough?
Then, let's take the plunge and review the cable!
ASUS' gaming brand ROG has announced a new gaming LAN cable "ROG CAT7 Cable"!

Rugged and high-speed gaming LAN cable

ROG CAT7 Cable
ROG CAT7 Cable
"ROG CAT7 Cable"製品ページ

ROG CAT7 Cable" is a CAT7 LAN cable that, as its name suggests, can achieve a maximum transfer rate of 600MHz & 10GB.
There are various connector standards for LAN cables, but "ROG CAT7 Cable" is compatible with the CAT 7 RJ45 universal standard, so it can be connected by simply plugging it into a common LAN port, so there is no need to prepare an additional conversion connector. Just buy it, connect it, and that's it.
You may think that other CAT7 LAN cables are fine, but "ROG CAT7 Cable" is different!
First of all, the design is stylish!

ROG CAT7 Cable
ROG CAT7 Cable
"ROG CAT7 Cable"製品ページ

To be honest, not many people are looking for design in LAN cables.
ROG CAT7 Cable" has a bright pink ROG logo on the connector part, which is both cool and reinforces the root of the cable, which is prone to breakage.
The cable itself is a nylon braided cable, which makes the cable " attractive " rather than hidden.
The gold plating on the connectors not only gives them a gorgeous appearance, but also prevents oxidation.

ROG CAT7 Cable
ROG CAT7 Cable
"ROG CAT7 Cable"製品ページ

The nylon braided cable is not just stylish.
The twisted pair copper wire is wrapped with aluminum strands, and then braided with nylon on the outside for a double shield!
This not only avoids radio interference but also makes the cable stronger, more flexible, and torsion-resistant.

Release date and price

ROG CAT7 Cable
ROG CAT7 Cable

ROG CAT7 Cable will be released on September 17, 2021 (Friday ) at an open price.
The cable is only 3 meters long, so if you purchase the cable, make sure that it can reach from your router to your connected devices in 3 meters.
Please note that although it is a "gaming" LAN cable, it does not glow.
Wired connections are often recommended for online matches, and even the Nintendo Switch, which originally required a separate connector for wired connections, will have a wired LAN port on the new OLED model's dock.
A momentary lag can often make the difference between winning and losing, and even if it is unintentional, there can be a penalty if communication is lost.
To be honest, LAN cables are rarely replaced, so why not take this opportunity to replace them with "ROG CAT7 Cable," which is not only fast but also sturdy and can be used for a long time with peace of mind?
For details, please check the "ROG CAT7 Cable" product page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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