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Sony Launches New Xperia 1 V Smartphone! Equipped with a Newly Developed Stacked CMOS Image Sensor!

Sony Launches New Xperia 1 V Smartphone! Equipped with a Newly Developed Stacked CMOS Image Sensor!

Various manufacturers have come out with Android smartphones, but the reigning champion is probably Xperia by Sony.
Xperia 1 IV, released in 2022, has a full lineup of features for game-playing, including gaming gear that further improves performance to the point that it could be called a "Gaming Smartphone".
The flagship smartphone of the Xperia series, Xperia 1 V, was unveiled on May 11, 2023!


The Flagship Smartphone "Xperia 1 V"

Sony unveils its flagship smartphone, Xperia 1 V! The Xperia 1 V has a newly developed image sensor and industry-leading gaming performance.

Next Generation "Exmor T for mobile" Sensor!

次世代センサー「Exmor T for mobile」
Next Generation 「Exmor T for mobile」 Sensor
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The Xperia 1 V features the world's first newly developed Exmor T for mobile, a two-layer transistor pixel stacked CMOS image sensor.
The camera is equipped with ZEISS lenses.
The camera lens has three switchable options: ultra wide-angle 16mm, wide-angle 24mm, and optical zoom lens 85-125mm, of which the "Exmor T for mobile" image sensor, which is 1.7 times larger than the previous model, is only compatible with the wide-angle lens.

Xperia 1 V製品ページ

In addition to the larger format, low-light performance has been improved by approximately double compared to the previous model, and the noiseless performance has been improved.
It is now possible to capture beautiful night shots, dark areas, and textures with less noise.

Xperia 1 V製品ページ

Furthermore, this model features S-Cinetone for mobile, a technology developed for the FX9 video production camera, Cinema Line series, and the α series digital single-lens reflex camera, adjusted for smartphone use.
The new sensor enables more beautiful expression of the texture of human skin when shooting. Thanks to the new sensor's saturated signal volume, which is approximately triple that of previous sensors, and its unique image quality processing, noise, which tends to occur mostly in dark areas, is reduced and soft tints are beautifully rendered.

Uncompromising technical Speaker

Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The built-in speaker has a powerful, low-noise speaker amplifier that improves the breadth and depth of sound and the extension of low and high frequencies. This enables a more dynamic and clear sound experience. Whether movies or music, you can enjoy powerful viewing with just the Xperia 1 V, without the need for dedicated speakers.

5,000mAh High-Capacity Battery!

High-Capacity Battery
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The battery features a high-capacity 5,000mAh battery. This model with a 4K display allows for approximately 20 hours of uninterrupted playback for video. It also supports quick recharging of approximately 50% in as little as 30 minutes with wireless recharging, even when the battery has run out of charge.
Xperia's unique charge optimization technology allows the battery to maintain more than 80% of its maximum capacity after three years of use.

Game Enhancer Assisting Play

Game Enhancer
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The game enhancer, as a function to assist play, supports focus settings that allow detailed settings for notifications and operations. Features that interfere with gameplay, such as notifications and navigation bars, can also be disabled in bulk.

120Hz Drive Display with 240Hz Afterimage Reduction Technology

Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The 120Hz refresh rate drive and 240Hz afterimage reduction technology minimize afterimage to allow for fast motion even on a 21:9 wide screen. The 4K HDR-compatible OLED display also displays smooth video output.

HS Power Controller

HS Power Controller
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

Users tend to spend a lot of time playing games, and if they are using a smartphone, battery power is even more of a concern. The Xperia 1 V features a heat suppression function that allows for comfortable play even when charging.
Since only the power used during play is supplied without the battery, the heat generated by charging is minimized.

Bright Display Even in Dark Scenes

L-γ lazer
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

The L-γ lazer function intentionally brightens even dark scenes that appear in the game. It enhances visibility of hidden enemies and obstacles.

Stream on YouTube

Stream on YouTube
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

You can stream games played on the Xperia 1 V on YouTube.
Enjoy interactive delivery with an optimal UI that combines play and live action to take advantage of the 21:9 screen. It is also compatible with the Xperia Stream, a separately sold Xperia gaming gear released in October 2022.
Not only does it improve performance, but it also improves stability during lag and streaming when combined with gaming gear that has a cooling function, LAN port, HDMI port, and USB Type-C port.

It can also connect to a capture board via an HDMI cable to deliver high quality video at 120 fps!

プロゲーミングチーム「SCARZ」が監修!Xperia 1 IV専用多機能ゲーミングギア「Xperia Stream for Xperia 1 IV」発表!

Instant Performance Confirmation

Performance Confirmation
Xperia 1 V製品ページ

You can instantly check the performance status during the game from the menu during gameplay.

One-Handed Screenshots Possible!

Xperia 1 V製品ページ

Press the shutter button on the Xperia 1 V while playing to take a screenshot. One-handed screenshots are possible enough to capture a momentary shutterbug opportunity.

Xperia 1 V Set to be Released in End-July 2023!

The Xperia 1 V is currently available for pre-order with first customer deliveries July 28, 2023.
The price is approximately 195,000 JPY / 1,399.99 USD and will be available in three colors: black, silver, and khaki green in Japan. (Two Colors , black and green, are available in the U.S.)
Pre-orders are now available at the Sony Store!
Visit the Xperia 1 V page for more information.

Full of features for games! "Xperia" new flagship model "Xperia 1 IV" announced!
Full of features for games! "Xperia" new flagship model "Xperia 1 IV" ...

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