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Symmetrical, wired and wireless compatible, customizable high-performance gaming mouse ASUS "ROG Pugio II" announced

左右対称、有線/無線両対応、カスタマイズ可能な高性能ゲーミングマウス ASUS「ROG Pugio II」発表

ASUS Japan, Ltd. announces the " ROG Pugio II," a high-performance gaming mouse with a symmetrical shape, both wired and wireless support, and customizable switches and side buttons.

Three connection options

Tri-mode connection
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The ROG Pugio II supports tri-mode connectivity, which allows users to choose between three different connection methods.
The user can choose between a wired USB connection, a high-speed 2.4GHz connection, or an energy-efficient Bluetooth LE connection.
A wireless switch on the main unit allows users to instantly switch between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth LE.
The battery is long enough to last up to 69 hours for 2.4GHz connections andup to 100 hours for Bluetooth LE connections, so it can be used for several days in a row without recharging.

Stable connection with SmartHop technology

ROG Pugio II
ROG Pugio II
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

By scanning the wireless spectrum 1000 times per second, ASUS SmartHop technology identifies and avoids busy conditions and interference in the 2.4GHz band, enabling seamless real-time switching to a more easily connected channel.
Strong and stable connections are maintained even in locations and environments where radio waves are flying around.

Outstanding Mouse Performance

ROG Pugio II
ROG Pugio II
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The ROG Pugio II is designed for elite gamers and features high mouse performance.
The sensor has 16,000 dpi for pinpoint control, up to 400 inches per second (ips) tracking, and a maximum acceleration of 40g.
The mouse also features a pivot button mechanism for more precise operation, making it the highest-performance gaming mouse available.
The main unit weighs in at a light 102g ( excluding the gables), so it can be used for long periods of time without feeling tired.

Impressionable magnetic side buttons

Magnetic side button
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The ROG Pugio II has magnetic side buttons that can be easily removed.
The symmetrical design allows for use with either hand, so a total of four side buttons can be installed, two on the left and two on the right.
The user can choose to place two buttons on the thumb side of the hand being used, place four buttons on each side, or remove all of the side buttons and not use them at all, allowing for customization to suit the user's style of play.
In addition, all buttons are programmable, allowing users to set up complex movements such as macros and favorite functions with a single click.

Replaceable Durable Switches

ROG Pugio II
ROG Pugio II
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The right switch is equipped with a durable Omron switch that can withstand 50 million clicks.
In addition to long and reliable use with long-life switches, these switches are easily replaceable.
With the unique push-fit switch socket, the switch can be replaced simply by inserting the switch that matches your preference.
Not only will this eliminate the need to replace the mouse itself due to damaged switches, but it will also give you the feel you prefer.

The top cover is magnetic and can be removed without tools.
The cover can be removed to store the wireless receiver, and the ROG logo can be changed to your liking by using the included blank badge.

Accessory Case
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

An accessory case is included to hold the switches, the aforementioned side buttons, and the day set for replacement, allowing for safe storage and transportation of removed parts.

DPI can be changed without software

DPI ライティング
DPI Lighting
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The DPI On-The-Scroll function allows easy DPI adjustment without software.
The user can select from four preset DPI levels by holding down the DPI button located on the main unit and turning the wheel, or by clicking the DPI button.
The RGB lighting changes color according to the DPI set, making it easy to visually check the setting.

Equipped with Aura RGB Lighting

Aura RGBライティング
Aura RGB Lighting
"ROG Pugio II"製品ページ

The main unit is equipped with Aura R GB lighting, which allows users to set their preferred lighting from seven lighting effects.
Aura Sync is also supported, allowing users to synchronize the lighting with other compatible devices for a more immersive experience.

Armoury II Support

The ROG Pugio II is compatible with Armoury II, a software application that allows users to fine-tune the ROG Pugio II.
In addition to the RGB lighting settings, the three onboard memory settings can be configured, making it possible to instantly recall your favorite settings not only in your usual environment, but also when you take it with you.

Release Date and Price

"ROG Pugio II" is scheduled to be released on Friday, September 4, 2020, at an open price.
The estimated market price will be around 12,980 yen.
With a symmetrical design that can be used with either the left or right hand, three different connection methods, removable buttons, and interchangeable switches, the "ROG Pugio II" can be customized to fit anyone's needs, making it the perfect mouse for those who have been unable to find a gaming mouse that suits them. The "ROG Pugio II" is the perfect mouse for those who have never been able to find a gaming mouse that fits their needs.
For more details, please visit the "ROG Pugio II" product page.

ROG Pugio II Specifications
Connectivity Wired/2.4GHz/Bluetooth
Weight 102g (excluding cable)
Maximum DPI 16,000 DPI
Programmable Buttons 7
Customizable side buttons Yes
ASUS proprietary push-fit switch socket design Yes
RGB Lighting 3-zone RGB
Onboard memory profiles 3
DPI On-The-Scroll Yes
Pivot Button Mechanism Yes
Customizable Badges Yes
Cable Detachable Soft-TPE cable
Dimensions 126mm x 57mm x 40mm


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