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Upgrade your gaming environment with a CPU stand and extended top panel!

CPUスタンドと拡張天板でゲーミング環境をアップグレード!Bauhutteから「昇降式L字デスク コンパクトBHD-550H」が登場

To enjoy gaming more comfortably, you may have built your own PC or purchased a middle tower PC, but its large size creates a problem of placement. If you place it directly on the floor, it is difficult to clean and dust tends to accumulate. How about it? The "Elevating L-Shape Desk" series has been available in a variety of sizes, but the new " Compact BHD-550H " is designed for middle-tower PC users!

GALLERIA middle tower PC fits perfectly! Compact type "BHD-550H" is now available!

昇降式L字デスク コンパクトBHD-550H
L-Shape Desk Compact BHD-550H

The Bauhutte gaming furniture brand "BHD-550H", a compact type for middle tower PC users, is now available from the "L-shaped desk series". BHD-550H" is an elevating CPU stand that can be used to create an L-shaped desk environment.

You may have a gaming environment that suits you for optimal game play, but there may be times when you want to expand a bit more from your existing desk. The BHD-550H can be easily installed alongside a desk to create an L-shaped desk environment. The BHD-550H can easily be placed alongside a desk to create an L-shaped desk environment, providing storage space for a desktop PC and expanding the work area of the desk. The BHD-550H is a compact version of the "Elevating L-Shape Desk" series and offers improved usability. It is sized to fit a typical mid-tower type desktop PC (up to 47 cm deep).

The height can be adjusted from 57 to 78 cm (21 cm wide) from the floor, thanks to the stepless elevation feature that can be adapted to any environment or style of play. By matching the height with the main desk, the top can be extended to provide a spacious work area. The top panel size is 30 cm (W) x 55 cm (D), the same size as Bauhütte's elevating gaming desks, making it easy to align the top panels when placed side by side.

The "BHD-550H" is the first in the "L-shaped desk series" with an open frame structure. By eliminating the side reinforcement bars attached to the "Elevating L-shaped desk" series, access to the stored PC is easier. Perforated boards on both sides, which also provide heat exhaust, have also been installed, but can be removed for easy maintenance.

A bar type stopper is also mounted on the back of the unit for ease of wire handling, so that the unit can be easily tipped over and wiring can be easily handled. BHD-550H" also comes with handles and locking casters, allowing the PC to be moved while mounted for cleaning. The BHD-550H can also be raised off the floor to prevent dust from being sucked into the cabinet.

The elevating L-shaped desk Compact BHD-550H is available now!


The compact type (BHD-550H) of the "Elevating L-Shape Desk" series is now on sale at a retail price of 13,500 yen (tax included). It can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp. The BHD-550H L-shaped desk has been tested and tested with the GALLERIA gaming desktop. The "Elevating L-Shape Desk Compact BHD-550H" is designed to fit a common middle tower PC perfectly, so those who have been thinking about organizing their desktop PC should consider installing the "Elevating L-Shape Desk Compact BHD-550H". For more information on this product, please visit the "Elevating L-Shape Desk Compact BHD-550H" product page.

"Elevating L-shaped desk, compact BHD-550H" product overview
Color Black
Dimensions Width 30cm x Depth 55cm x Height 57cm (57~78cm) *Width and Depth indicate the size of the top board and do not include the unevenness of the plastic locking levers on the legs.
Weight 7.62kg
Surface finish Epoxy resin powder coating
Load capacity Total load capacity: 60kg or less (Top board: 30kg or less, Bottom board: 30kg or less)
Surface material of deck Synthetic resin fiber laminated panel (vinyl chloride resin)


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