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Instant relaxation drink "CHILL OUT" has been renewed! You can further chill by increasing the capacity!

瞬間リラクゼーションドリンク「CHILL OUT」がリニューアル!容量アップで更にチルれる!

With the start of the new fiscal year in April, most of us are probably busy with our daily lives.
When you are tired or want to work harder, you can get energy from energy drinks to help you keep going, but it is only temporary. However, it is important to take a good rest in order to properly remove fatigue both mentally and physically.
In contrast to energy drinks that give you energy, "CHILL OUT," an instant relaxation drink from Japan, helps you relax so that you can take a proper rest.
On April 18, 2022 (Monday), "CHILL OUT Sleep Shot," a new functional food product that improves the quality of sleep, is scheduled to go on sale, and a renewal of the existing product, which is currently on sale, has been announced!

アンチエナドリ「CHILL OUT」からおやすみ前の新習慣「CHILL OUT スリープショット」が発表!

New design and increased capacity!


The renewal announced this time is for two products: the basic " CHILL OUT " and the " CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY," which has zero calories and is less sweet.
The first is the package design.

The first is the new packaging design. Previously, "CHILL OUT" had a silver can with a logo, and "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY" had a deep green can with a simple logo. This is cool in its own way.
The new "CHILL OUT" packaging is a combination of the two products' designs, with the top 3/4 of the "CHILL OUT" can white and the bottom 1/4 deep green.
A corrugated object has been added to the border between the two colors to express a relaxing atmosphere and to evoke a chill out atmosphere.
"Chill Out Zero Gravity" has the color scheme reversed, with the upper 3/4 of the design in deep green and the lower 1/4 in white.
The new design gives a relaxed, laid-back feel that makes you want to reach for it when you see it.

When you saw the new design, did you think the can was longer than the previous design?
As you might have guessed, the second part of the renewal is the increased capacity!

Increased capacity!

The previous product was 185 ml per can, but with the renewal, the capacity has been increased by 135% to 250 ml per can! We would be happy to have a larger capacity for our chill time.
It's a good idea to take it easier than usual when relaxing with the new "chill out" drink.
And even though the capacity has been increased, the price remains the same at 205 yen (tax included), so you can buy it the same way you have in the past.

The renewed "CHILL OUT" and "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY" will go on sale on Monday, April 18, 2022!
They will be sold at vending machines, convenience stores, drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores, and online stores nationwide.
On the same day, a new product, "CHILL OUT Sleep Shot," will also go on sale.
For details, please check the NEWS page on the official CHILL OUT website.


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What is a relaxation drink... what? I drank the topic "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY"!...

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