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Finally, it has let it shine to the bottom! Dream Machines gaming mouse "DM4 Evo" released in Japan!

遂に底まで光らせてきた!Dream Machinesのゲーミングマウス「DM4 Evo」が日本国内発売!

In addition to high performance, one of the most iconic features of gaming devices is that they glow, right?
Not only the PC itself, but also the keyboard, headset, gaming chair, monitor, mouse bungee, and other devices all glow in colorful lights.
Since so many parts of these devices glow, one would think that there would be no more places to make them glow, but the " DM4 Evo " gaming mouse from Dream Machines, a Polish manufacturer of gaming devices, is different.
The bottom of the mouse glows!

ただ光るだけでじゃない!「Aura Sync」対応の液冷ユニット「ROG Strix LC 240/360 RGB White Edition」発表!

The bottom of the mouse has a subtle, stylish lighting effect.

DM4 Evo
DM4 Evo

The DM4 Evo is equipped with a unique RGB lighting system called " 16M RGB ".
The DM4 Evo has a unique RGB lighting feature called "16M RGB" that allows you to illuminate the wheel, the logo, and the bottom of the mouse in your choice of color and pattern using dedicated software.
The lights installed around the bottom of the mouse are stylish, leaking a faint light when the mouse is operated.

DM4 Evo
DM4 Evo

High performance as a mouse, of course.

While the glowing bottom of the mouse may be exciting, it also has outstanding performance as a gaming mouse.
The Pixart 3389 optical sensor is used for the sensor, promising high operation accuracy.
The left and right switches are made by Huano and are durable enough to withstand 20 million clicks each.
The dedicated software that can also configure RGB lighting allows you to change the polling rate and adjust the DPI, so you can set it to your liking.

DM4 Evo 専用ソフトウェア
DM4 Evo software

Release date and price

The "DM4 Evo" will be available for purchase on Monday, June 8, 2020, for 6,480 yen (tax included).
The product will be sold by Fermat Corporation, an authorized distributor of Dream Machines in Japan, and can be purchased on their e-commerce site, " Fumofu no Omise.
Considering the price and performance, this is a very cost-effective gaming mouse with a shiny underside, so we recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a gaming mouse for the first time!
For more information, please visit our e-commerce site, " Fumofu no Omise " or "DM4 Evo" product page (English)!

DM4 Evo Specifications
Maximum speed 7.0 M/s
Polling rate 1000 Hz
Controls 7 (including wheel click)
Sensor Optical PMW3389
DPI 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 16000
LOD (Liftoff Distance) ~1.8 mm
Left Switch Huano durable 20 million clicks
Right Switch Made by Huano Durable 20 million clicks
Size 126 x 63 x 40 mm
Weight 97 g (excluding cable)
Cable ~1.8 m (shoe lace cable)
Finish Matte finish
LEDs RGB (3 locations: bottom edge, logo, mouse wheel)
Contents Mouse body
Instructions (English)
Spare sole


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