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Full of luxurious benefits! "Granblue Fantasy Versus Official Setting Materials Collection" release date is finally decided!

豪華特典満載!「グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス 公式設定資料集」発売日が遂に決定!

Cygames and Arc System Works are co-developing the action RPG " Granblue Fantasy V ersus" (GBVS).
On July 13, 2021 (Tuesday), " Sith," the last character added to Season 2, will be added to the game. The " GBVS Cygames Cup 2021 Summer " will be held on July 13, 2021, and the excitement is now at its peak.
With the additional characters for Season 2 now available, this is a good time for those who have never played before to get started.
The GBVS has already been chosen to produce an official setting material book, but we are still waiting for further news on the production of the book.
According to a glimpse of the contents shown during the "GBF Anniversary SP" broadcast on March 7, 2021 (Sun.), it seems that even the most minute details, such as action sequences, are included in the book . The details have been announced!

グラブルVS キャラクターパス2の追加キャラクター「ユーステス」公開!最新情報も大量発表!

September 30 release date! Reservations are now open!

グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス 公式設定資料集
Granblue Fantasy Versus Official Setting Documents Collection

The "Granblue Fantasy Versus Official Setting Documents Collection" will be released on September 30, 2021 (Thursday)!
It will be priced at 3,850 yen (tax included) and is now available for pre-order on Cygames ' official e-commerce site " CyStore " and at bookstores and web stores nationwide.
This book, the first official GBVS setting materials book, contains numerous artwork that has been released both inside and outside the game, as well as setting drawings and motion action sequences for 16 characters, bosses, enemies, and sub-characters that have appeared in Character Pass Season 1 and up. The book also includes a number of first-publicly released materials.
In addition, the book includes interviews with developers Tetsuya Fukuhara ( Cygames), Kazutoshi Sekine ( ARC SYSTEM WORKS), and Hideaki Sawada ( ARC SYSTEM WORKS), and is a super-sized, 328-page ( planned) A4-size book that can be considered a completely preserved edition!

And more! The bonus is that it comes with serial codes for "1 ticket to confirm SS rare character release weapon", "50 Elixir Half", and "150 Soul Seeds" that can be used in "Granblue Fantasy"! What's not to like?
With these contents, there is no reason not to purchase!
The pre-order period is surprisingly short, until August 11, 2021 (Wed. ), so make your reservation now!
For details and reservation, please check the official EC site " CyStore "!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

64920豪華特典満載!「グランブルーファンタジー ヴァーサス 公式設定資料集」発売日が遂に決定!
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