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ASTRO Gaming announces "C40 TR Controller"!

ASTRO Gaming announces

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was recently featured on Saiga NAK.
The controller, which is highly customizable and can be configured to your own personal preference, has been a big hit with us for quite some time now.
The PS4 did not have a controller like this, and the PS4 crowd was cross-eyed with envy....
However, Logitech's gaming brand "ASTRO Gaming" has announced the "C40 TR Controller", a controller that makes PS4 gamers' dreams come true!

Xbox Elite has greatly improved! New controller!

The most powerful controller that can also be rearranged!

Just like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, the C40 TR Controller also comes with a wide selection of parts that allow you to change the analog sticks and crosshairs to your liking.
But the "C40 TR Controller" doesn't stop there.
The entire analog stick and crosshair module can be removed and replaced!
You can put the left stick in the position of the crosshairs, the right stick in the position of the crosshairs, and so on, to suit your style of play!
This is a great feature because I have heard that not many people have ever felt that they wish the left stick was in the crosshair position.
Up to two types of key remapping can be set, which can be switched with the switch on the top of the controller.

C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller公式サイト

A full range of convenient functions

C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller公式サイト

A rear button is located on the back of the controller, to which you can assign any key you like.
This relieves the stress of playing titles that you feel lack buttons on the gamepad.
There is also a trigger stop on the rear panel that allows you to adjust the depth of the trigger.

C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller
C40 TR Controller公式サイト

On the top of the controller is a micro USB port for wired connection and charging of the controller, a switch for wired/wireless connection, and a profile switch.

C40 TR Controller公式サイト

The battery has a high capacity of up to 12 hours of operation on a full charge.
The "ASTRO C40 TR CONFIGURATION SOFTWARE" allows the user to set button keymap settings and sensitivity, EQ the earphone jack, and change profiles for the switch.
A travel case is also included for safe transportation.

Price and Release Date

The C40 TR Controller is priced at 199.99 USD and will not be available in Japan at this time.
It seems that the approval from SEAJA has not been granted, and the release in Japan will take place as soon as the approval is granted.
When will the "C40 TR Controller", the most powerful controller that the putt-putt crowd is looking for, be available to Japanese gamers?

For more information, please visit the C40 TR Controller product page!

The ASTRO C40 is sold under the "Logitech" brand outside of Japan, and is marketed in Japan under the "Logitech" and "Logitech" brands for trademark purposes.

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