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Herman Miller Gaming Chair! Gaming Edition on the Sail Chair


Herman Miller, an American office furniture manufacturer famous for its "Aeron Chair," has announced the " Gaming Edition Sail Chair," a gaming model of its " Sail Chair.
The price is 96,800 yen ( including tax).

Available in a Wide Variety of Colors

According to the official Herman Miller global store, the Herman Miller Gaming Edition Sail Chair is available in a choice of two armrest heights, suspension (backrest and levers), and seat color. More color variations will be added in the future.
Currently available colors are "BLACK" and "SLATE GREY" for the seat, and "SLATE GREY" for the back.

Gaming Products from Herman Miller

The chair is available in five suspension colors: "BLACK / RED," "STUDIO WHITE / RED," "NEON," "RED," and "OCEAN DEEP.

Gaming Products from Herman Miller

In addition, other purple images can be found in the official global store.

Gaming Edition Sail Chair
Gaming Products from Herman Miller

Sail Chair supporting Saiga NAK editorial team members

Sail Chair
Saiga NAK

There are no differences between the regular model of the Sail Chair and the Gaming Edition Sail Chair other than the coloring.
Since the Saiga NAK editorial team also uses Herman Miller's Sail Chair, we can confidently recommend the comfort of the Gaming Edition Sail Chair!
All of Herman Miller's gaming chairs are pricey models, costing 200,000 yen or more, but the Gaming Edition Sail Chair can be purchased for less than 100,000 yen.
If you are a high-end user, if you want something different from other gaming chairs, and of course if you are a Herman Miller fan, why not consider purchasing the Gaming Edition Sail Chair?
For more information, please visit Herman Miller's official website or official global store ( English).


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