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hololive official plush toys and outings! hololive friends to Go" will be available on Tuesday, July 23!

ホロライブ公式ぬいぐるみとお出かけしよう「hololive friends to Go」が7月23日に登場!

Cover Inc., operator of the VTuber group " hololive," has announced that a new series of " hololivefriends," " hololive friends to Go," will begin in July 2024. The new "hololive friends" series, "hololive friends to Go," will begin in July 2024.

"hololive friends to Go" will be released on July 23!

"hololive friends to Go"と"hololive friends with u"の比較画像PR TIMES

It is one of the "hololive friends" series of official hololive plush toys, and is smaller than the " hololive friends with u," which is about 20 cm tall, and is the size of a mascot. It is palm-sized and has a ball chain attached to its head, making it easy to carry around and enjoy hololive at any time and any place.

Details of "hololive friends to Go" will be posted on the SNS accounts of "hololive" talents , on YouTube, and on the official hololive application " holoplus " from July 4, 2024 (Thursday). The details of the "hololive" event will be posted on the "hololive" talents' SNS accounts, YouTube, and the official holololive app "holoplus"! In addition, to celebrate the release of "hololive friends to Go", a "What's on your mind about to Go " project will be held on "holoplus", where the development staff will answer users' questions.

For more information, please visit the "hololive friends" special site or the hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP.

Sales start date and members

The first set of 14 "hololive friends to Go" will go on sale at 18:00 on Tuesday, July 23, 2024, and the second set of 20 will go on sale at 18:00 on Friday, August 23, 2024, for a total of 34 members. Please look forward to it!

Sales Outline
Lineup (14 kinds in total) Sora Tokino, Roboko-san, AZKi, Miko Sakura, Suisei Hoshimachi, Aki Rosenthal, Hato Akai, Fubuki Shirakami, Matsuri Natsuiro, Akua Minato, Sion Shisaki, Ayame Hyakki, Choko Hezuki, Subaru Ozora
Lineup (20 kinds in total) Mio Ohgami, Okayu Nekomata, Korone Inugami, Pekora Usada, Flare Shiranui, Noel Shiragane, Marin Takaragane, Kanata Amane, Watame Kakumaki, Toi Tsuneyami, Luna Himemori, Ramie Yukihana, Nene Momozu, Botan Shishiro, Poluka Omaru, Laplace Darkness, Rui Takamine, Hiroi Koyori, Shakashaka Kuroe, Kazuma Iroha


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