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"The Easiest Web3 Textbook" published by Impress is discontinued & recalled, the author is an expert in the Cabinet Secretariat


Impress announced that "The easiest Web 3 instructional book by popular instructors: A new world woven by NFT, DAO, and DeFi " published by Impress on July 20, 2022, will be withdrawn from sale less than a week after its release.

The e-book version of the book is no longer available at Amazon.co.jp and other online retailers.

This may be due to misinformation that was posted on the website.

www の価値をプレゼンPAKUTASO

Web 3" is the next generation of the World Wide Web (WWW), and appears to follow "Web 1.0" and "Web 2.0," but it is different from "Web 3.0," which is the Semantic Web.

It often refers to blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, etc., and can be interpreted as "Web 3 = decentralized online," since the Web3 Foundation's website says that it funds development and research teams to build the infrastructure for the decentralized web, but it is not just a marketing buzzword. However, some point out that it is just a marketing buzzword.
With only the word "Web3" spreading ahead of other words and no one really knowing what Web3 is, there was much anticipation for the "easiest Web3 instruction book" published by Impress, which has published many technical books on the subject.

When the book went on sale on July 20 and was partially made available free of charge, many pointed out that it contained incorrect information on social networking sites.

Power words, information product for the weak-minded?


The "easiest Web3 instruction manual" contains many questions for those who have no knowledge of Web3.

The explanation of the operating system is "Ethereum is more suitable than Android, iOS, and Windows," and the explanation of the protocol is "In the era of Web2, some platforms such as Google and Amazon are monopolizing the market. The protocol is dominated by a few platforms such as Google and Amazon in the era of Web2" and so on.

The book was likened on the Internet to a sales pitch of useless information products to the uninformed and ill-informed.

The author is Tomohiro Tagami, an expert in the Cabinet Secretariat.

Tomohiro Tagami, author of "The Easiest Way to Learn Web 3

The author is Tomohiro Tagami (@tomohiro_tagami ), who participates as an expert and observer in the Cabinet Secretariat's "Liaison Conference of Relevant Ministries and Agencies on Blockchain" and "Blockchain Public-Private Promotion Meeting.

The reasons for the discontinuation and recall are as follows.

We believe that a major factor in this incident was the failure to conduct the checks by outside experts that are performed when a book is produced.


Did they decide that if it was written by experts from the Cabinet Secretariat, there was no need for an external expert to check it?
On the other hand, we are also curious about the actual status of the Cabinet Secretariat's "Liaison Conference of Relevant Ministries and Agencies on Blockchain" and "Public-Private Promotion Meeting on Blockchain.


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