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I-O Data"SSPH-UA Series",a portableSSD released

I-O Data

For PS4 users, it is now commonplace to install an SSD or an external SSD.
In particular, early PS4 models do not benefit much from an SSD conversion due to their specifications, so many users are installing external SSDs to increase capacity as well.

Fangler Games previously introduced the SSPH-UT series of portable gaming SSDs from I-O Data that are compatible with PS4, and now a new model, the SSPH-UA series, has been announced. The basic housing is the same.

Ultra-compact portable gaming SSD,SSPH-UTseries!

The basic chassis are the same.

SSPH-UA series
SSPH-UT series

The "SSPH-UT series" released in May and the "SSPH-UA series" announced this time look almost the same.
While the "SSPH-UT series" is available in two colors, smoky black and wine red, the "SSPH-UA series" comes in one color, navy.
The "SSPH-UA series" comes in two capacities, 480GB and 960GB, while the "SSPH-UT series" comes in 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.
The "SSPH-UA series" weighs about 61g, 5g more than the "SSPH-UT series" weighs about 55g.
Other specifications are almost the same.
The SSPH-UA series is designed to be resistant to shock and vibration.

Increased read/write speeds

The biggest difference between "SSPH-UT series" and "SSPH-UA series" is the read/write speed.
While the SSPH-UT series reads at about 340 MB/s and writes at about 300 MB/s, the new SSPH-UA series reads at about 440 MB/s and writes at about 430 MB/s, a significant increase.
Recent game titles require large amounts of data to be loaded, and sometimes it takes a surprisingly long time to load, but with an SSD that delivers such high speed, the stress of playing games will probably be reduced.

Price and Release Date

The SSPH-UA series is scheduled to ship at the end of July, with the 480GB SSPH-UA480NV priced at 11,700 JPY (excluding tax) and the 960GB SSPH-UA960NV at 20,100 JPY (excluding tax). The "SSPH-UA960NV" is priced at 20,100 JPY (excluding tax).
The "io PLAZA" website will be offering the product at the manufacturer's direct sales price.
With the release of "Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone" coming in September, this may be an option for those who are considering installing an external SSD.

For details, please refer to the "SSPH-UA series" product page.

"SSPH-UA Series" Specifications
Supported Models
Operating environment Models equipped with either USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) or USB 2.0 port
Including models equipped with either USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) or USB 2.0 interface.
Remarks To use with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0), the USB port must be compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0). If not, it will operate as USB 2.0.
USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) operation has been confirmed with our USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) interface. Please contact each interface manufacturer for the operating environment.
* USB 3.1 Gen 1 is a notation of the standard updated from the conventional USB 3.0 and has the same specifications as USB 3.0.
Personal Computer
Supported models Windows PC, Mac
Caution It has been confirmed that some computers may not be recognized when the OS is started up with the device installed.
In such a case, please remove the device and reinsert it or install it after the computer has started up.
Confirmed Computers
Lenovo ThinkPad T430S
Lenovo ThinkPad X230
Game consoles
Supported models PS4, PS4 Pro
Supported OS
Supported OS Windows 10 / Windows 10 (S mode)*1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
macOS 10.11 - 10.14
Remarks 1 All attached applications are not supported.
* For details on supported OS for supported software, please refer to the download page of each software.
Interface USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) / USB 2.0 (MicroB connector) x 1
Power source USB bus power
Format NTFS
Installation conditions Horizontal installation
External dimensions (main unit only) Approx. 80 (W) x 80 (D) x 15 (H) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight (main unit only) Approx. 61 g
Weight (when packed) Approx. 131g
Operating temperature range 5 to 35°C
Operating humidity range 20 to 80% * No condensation
Standards and Regulations VCCI Class B, RoHS compliant (10 substances)
Warranty Period 1 year warranty
Remarks Please download support software from our support library.
Suspend and Resume may not be available depending on the combination with the main unit used.
Attachment User's Manual, PS4 Connection Guide, USB Cable (A - MicroB/30cm) * Can be used with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) / USB 2.0.
Remarks Support software CD-ROM is not included in this product. Please download software etc. from our support library.
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