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The next "fun" is tropical! New "Rokitrick Mango Soda" with tropical mango juice is now on sale!

今度の「お遊び」は南国気分!トロピカルなマンゴー果汁使用の「ロキトリック マンゴーソーダ」新発売!

We are now in the second week of the new fiscal year. As April 1 is a Monday this year, those who started work on April 1 must be feeling tired already. It seems that many schools are holding entrance and commencement ceremonies, and students are about to start a new year, but like all new workers who have started ahead of their peers, they are gradually accumulating fatigue. At such times, energy drinks, which everyone loves, can help! However, the recent wave of high prices has also hit the energy drink industry, making them a bit expensive. Under such circumstances, various manufacturers are making corporate efforts to sell energy drinks at reasonable prices, and one of the best examples of this is " The fun starts here! The most famous example is " Loki Trick," which is well-known for the phrase, "Here comes the fun part! Rokitric is available in vending machines and on e-commerce sites, so even if you can't find it in a vending machine in your area, you can still get it. I am also happy to be able to choose between the "Loki Trick Fiber Squash," which is an energy drink, and the "Loki Trick Fiber Squash," which is not an energy drink with 4,000 mg of fiber. It is just my personal opinion, but when I drink "Loki Trick Fiber Squash," my stomach feels really good the next day! Now, the long-awaited third arrow will appear in the "Loki Trick" lineup, which has been attacking with two arrows. This time, a new product using "mango," one of the world's top three fruits, is on the market!

食物繊維4,000mg!ビタミンC200mg!カフェイン不使用!新たな健康志向エナドリ「LOKITRICK FIBER SQUASH」をレビュー!

Tropical flavor at your fingertips! Rokitrick Mango Soda" is now available!

ロキトリック マンゴーソーダ
Loki Trick Mango Soda

The newest addition to the "Loki Trick" series is " Loki Trick M ango Soda! This new product is an easy way to enjoy the tropical flavor of mango juice, one of the three most popular fruits in the world and a favorite of everyone! The mango flavor tends to be thick, but as the name "Mango Soda" suggests, it has the refreshing taste of soda, making it a relaxing drink with a rich and refreshing taste. In addition to being free of the preservatives and synthetic colorings that are familiar to "Loki Trick," "Loki Trick Mango Soda" is caffeine-free! When you need a little more energy, you can get it from energy drink "Rokitric Energy," but don't overdo it. If you have consumed too much caffeine or energy ingredients, "Rokitric Mango Soda" is perfect for a change of pace or a time of relaxation. Loki Trick Mango Soda is currently on sale! It can be purchased from vending machines, Amazon.co.jp, and Rakuten Ich iba. Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba sell it in boxes of 24 350 ml bottles, which are priced at 2,980 yen (including tax) on Amazon.co.jp and 3,629 yen (including tax) on Rakuten Ichiba, but there is a 300 yen discount coupon available. In addition, Rakuten Ichiba offers a very rare " Rokitrick Original Sticker " as a free gift if you write a review after purchase! It is also cute to put it in your phone case!

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We know that you may be tired and stressed from your new life, so why don't you take a break with the rich and tropical "Loki Trick Mango Soda"? In addition to the new "Loki Trick Mango Soda," you can also purchase the well-known "Loki Trick Energy" and "Loki Trick Fiber Squash" at the official EC site!


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Today's society is in a warring age of energy drinks, with various manufacturers selling various brands and flavors of energy drinks. Although there are many un

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