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Rereased! "Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA"


Bauhutte sells a variety of high-quality gaming items.
Bauhutte, which offers many exquisite products such as the "Gaming Ottoman Wide BDT-700" that we recently introduced on Saiga NAK, has released another itchy product, the "Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk".
The Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk is the latest addition to the Bauhutte lineup .
What makes it different from existing Bauhutte gaming desks?

One-touch height adjustment

In addition to gaming desks, most of the desks in the world have a fixed height, and it is often the case that you have to "fit the desk" rather than "fit the desk to yourself".
Many people may have to compromise not only on their height and build, but also on their preference for the height of the desk top.
With the Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA, however, you can "adapt the desk to you" and adjust it to the best height for you! And it's easy!

SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA
SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA
"SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA"製品ページ

Until now, with desks that could be raised and lowered, the user had to remove the stoppers from each leg, change the height, and then fix the stoppers again.
The Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA has a lever on the front of the desk that can be raised or lowered with a single touch.
The gas cylinder is built into the legs, so it can be adjusted with light force, making it easy for one person to adjust.

Two types with different heights

It is meaningless to say that the height can be raised and lowered if the basic height is different from what you are looking for, isn't it?

SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA
SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA
"SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA"製品ページ

Bauhutte offers a lineup of two types: a middle type that is ideal for use on a chair, and a low type that is ideal for use on the floor or a seat. You can choose the type that best suits your environment.

SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA
SA Gaming desk DHB-1200SA
"SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA"製品ページ

The height of the middle type can be adjusted between 55 and 80 cm, and the low type between 37 and 50 cm.

SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA
SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA
"SAゲーミングデスク DHB-1200SA"製品ページ

Adjusters are mounted on the bottom of the legs for stable installation.

Depending on your preference or situation, you can easily adjust the height

With the Bauhutte SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA, you can adjust the height of the desk to your personal preference, or change the height to best suit your needs depending on the situation.
The DHB-1200SA is available with middle or low type legs and a common top panel, so please be careful when purchasing and assembling.

Both the top panel (BHD-1200SAT) and middle type leg (BHD-1200SAM) set and thetop panel (BHD-1200SAT) and low type leg (BHD-1200SAL) set are priced at 47,960 JPY and can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers.
You can also purchase just the top panel or just the legs.

SA Gaming Desk DHB-1200SA
Color Black
Dimensions BHD-1200SAM: 1200 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 550 mm (H) (550~800 mm)
BHD-1200SAL: 1200mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 370mm (H) (370~500mm)
Weight BHD-1200SAM: 17.0kg
BHD-1200SAL: 15.0kg
BHD-1200SAT: 10.8kg
Load capacity Less than 80kg
Packing size BHD-1200SAM: W595 × D1125 × H165mm, approx. 4.0 years old
BHD-1200SAL: W415 × D1125 × H165mm, approx. 2.8 years old
BHD-1200SAT: W665 × D1300 × H60mm, approx. 1.9 years old
Packing weight BHD-1200SAM: 19.5kg
BHD-1200SAL: 17.5kg
BHD-1200SAT: 13.0kg
Surface material of deck Synthetic resin laminated fiberboard (polyvinyl chloride resin)
Surface treatment Legs: Epoxy powder coating

BHD-1200SAM→Middle type leg section
 BHD-1200SAL → Low type leg section
 BHD-1200SAT→Top panel