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MSI's new Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP gaming knob series will be available on Thursday, April 28, 2022!

MSIよりゲーミングノブを搭載した「Aegis」シリーズの新モデル「Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP」が2022年4月28日(木)より発売!

MSI Computer Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of MicroStar International (MSI), will release the new Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP, a new model of its "Aegis" gaming desktop PC brand on April 28, 2022. Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" will be released on April 28, 2022 (Thursday ).
The new model "Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" is the world's first series of "Aegis" series with a unique gaming knob. The new model "Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" is equipped with the standard installation software "MSI Center", which allows users to set the operation mode and other items to be immediately accessed from the gaming knob with intuitive operation.
The MSI Center is also equipped with a variety of other features that make it a high-end gaming desktop PC.

High-Class Gaming Desktop PC "Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" Features

Innovative gaming knob design


The intuitive dial operation allows users to start registered games, change operation modes, and display system information such as CPU clock.

Equipped with Intel Core i7-12700K

インテル Core i7-12700K

The processor combines 8 performance-oriented P-cores and 4 highly efficient E-cores to provide the "right mix" of performance for tasks that require heavy processing, such as gaming and video editing, and those that require relatively low-intensity processing, such as browsing websites and watching videos, while also providing the "right mix" of performance and low power consumption. It also features low power consumption.

Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti

The Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP is suitable for use with a WQHD resolution gaming monitor and features enhanced ray tracing functionality for realistic video expression.
The "DLSS" AI-based drawing load reduction function allows users to play games without sacrificing frame rate even with higher graphics quality.

Silent Storm Cooling 4" construction for quiet and excellent cooling

Silent Storm Cooling 4

The CPU, VGA, and power unit, which are heat sources inside the PC, are placed in independent blocks to prevent heat interference from each other.
This structure allows for efficient cooling and stable operation even during long hours of gaming.

Headset Hooks


Both sides of the main unit are equipped with retractable headset hooks, allowing the headset to be hung on the PC without the need for a headset hanger.

Low latency 2.5GLAN support

MSI公式"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP"製品サイト

Aegis Ti5 is equipped with both 2.5Gbps and 1Gbps wired LAN ports to support a smooth gaming environment with reduced latency, while also allowing users to separate web browsing from gaming.

Easy-to-use comprehensive management software "MSI Center".

総合管理ソフトウェア"MSI Center"

MSI Center", the comprehensive management software, is installed right out of the box.
With a simple click of the mouse, you can customize the system settings and the items displayed on the gaming knob.

How much will it cost?

MSI公式"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP"製品サイト

What do you think?
The Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP is priced at around 465,300 yen including tax.
It has a very cool and distinctive shape, and the gaming knob makes it easy to check the status of your PC.
If you are looking for a gaming PC, please consider the "Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP".
For more information, please check out the official MSI "Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" product website!

"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP" Specifications

"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP"のスペック その1
"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP"のスペック その2
"Aegis Ti5 12VTE-046JP"のスペック その3


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