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Fun chewing tre with Pokemon! "Xylitol Gum Chewing Tre" Newly Released


Lotte Corporation has announced that on May 17, 2022 (Tuesday), a new chewing training gum for children, " Xylitol Chew-Train <Biribiri Psycho Soda>" will be released by Xylitol!
The distinctive feature of this gum is its chewy texture, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults! The cute Pokemon package is also a big hit.

There are 7 kinds of cute Pokemon packages

Pikachu, Eevee, Patilis, Dedenne, Molpeko, and Kamukame appear on the packages!
Enjoy chewing training with your favorite Pokémon!


 ピカチュウ1PR TIMES
ピカチュウ2 PR TIMES







Mole Pekoe


Cam Came


Even gum wrappers can have their fun! Nakami is curious! Enjoy chewing gum wrappers and paper projects!

This time, we are going to hold a quiz and other paper projects on gum wrappers called "Letters". Chewing and Enjoying Paper Project"!
Chew it and you can read it! Let's read it while chewing" (total 7 kinds), "Chew it and it will spark! Pokemon Quiz" (12 kinds), and "Chewing Gum Manners" (1 kind), a total of 20 kinds. Why don't you play with the labels while chewing gum?

"If you chew it, you can read it! Chew and Read Pokemon Pictorial Book" (7 kinds)

 噛めば読める!?噛みながら読もうポケモン図鑑PR TIMES

"Chew and it will spark! Let's solve it while chewing Pokemon quiz" (total 12 kinds)

噛めば閃く!?噛みながら解こうポケモンクイズPR TIMES

Chewing Gum Chewing Manners" (1 kind)

 身につけようガム噛みマナーPR TIMES

More than just cute! Chew-Train Gum Product Features

  • Contains a special gum base! Chewy xylitol chewing gum
  • Tastes like "Psycho Soda" from Pokemon! The more you chew, the more stimulated you feel, just like Pikachu's moves!
  • The package features Pokémon chewing happily so that children can enjoy it too!
  • Nakami is on my mind! A total of 20 types of paper project to enjoy while chewing! You can also enjoy the gum wrappers called "Letter".
  • The chewy texture of this xylitol-based gum is a great way to develop the habit of chewing while enjoying its taste, and it was selected as a recommended product by the Japan School Health Association.

The xylitol gum chewing gum "Biribiri Psycho Soda" with the above five features will be on sale nationwide from May 17, 2022 (Tuesday ).
The flavor is said to be inspired by the Psycho Soda that appears in the Pokémon series, so one has to wonder what Psycho Soda tastes like!
The price is around 118 yen including tax, so why don't you buy it when you see it!

Product name Xylitol Gum Chewing Treasure <Biribiri Psycho Soda> (Japanese only)
Release date Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Sales area All over Japan
Contents 9 pieces
Price Open price (Estimated retail price around 118 yen (including tax))


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