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A sense of the future overflowing! New VR controller for PS5 announced!


Since its release on November 12, 2020, the next-generation PlayStation " PlayStation 5 " (PS5) has been the focus of worldwide attention.
The PS5 is an amazing console that offers an unprecedented gaming experience with beautiful visuals and faster loading times, but what really stands out is its advanced controller, the " DualSense Wireless Controller ".
The controller is a state-of-the-art controller that transmits the feel of the game through vibrations, resistance, and other features, and those who have played PS5 are always amazed by it.
It was recently announced on the PlayStation Blog that the company was developing a controller for VR that incorporates the features of the "DualSense Wireless Controller," and now the new VR controller has been unveiled!

Orb-shaped design with a futuristic feel

Next Generation VR Controller
PlayStation Blog

The next-generation VR controller announced this time has a very unique orb-shaped design.
*It is not the Sony Ericsson logo.

The ergonomics of the design are also important: it fits naturally in your hand when you hold it, does not interfere with your hand movements, and is well balanced and comfortable in your hand.
Although the unique design tends to draw the eye, the device is equipped with features that follow the "DualSense Wireless Controller" for intuitive operation and other distinctive functions.

Next Generation VR Controller
PlayStation Blog

First is the " Adaptive Trigger," which is also equipped on the L2 and R2 buttons of the "DualSense Wireless Controller.
These buttons change resistance when pressed depending on the in-game situation, increasing the immersion of the game, and now they are also included in the VR controller.

The haptic feedback is optimized for the distinctive orb-shaped controller shape.
It allows for a powerful, tactile and nuanced expression of every feel in the game.

As a controller, the basic action is usually a "button press," but depending on the situation, that action may not be linked to the action in the game.
The new VR controller will be equipped with a " finger touch function " that recognizes fingers just by touching them without having to press them.
This feature is installed in three locations where the thumb, index finger, and middle finger are placed, allowing for natural operation even while playing games.

The VR headset will also track the VR controller using tracking mechanisms scattered on the surface of the controller.

Of course, since these are controllers, the various buttons are properly positioned.
The left controller has an analog stick, △ button, □ button, grip button (L1), trigger button (L2), and create button.
The right controller has an analog stick, x button, z button, grip button (R1), trigger button (R2), and option button.
The grip button is located right where your finger touches when you hold your hand, and can be used to perform actions such as " grabbing " in the game.

Next Generation VR Controller
PlayStation Blog

Even just VR is highly immersive, but what will happen if it is equipped with such a high-performance function? We can't help but look forward to it!

As for VR for PS5, wait for more news!

The new VR controller for PS5 was announced this time, but no announcement was made regarding VR for PS5, saying to expect more announcements in the future.
In the previous announcement, we were told that there was no plan to release the VR within 2021, so it will be a while before we know more information about the new PS VR for PS5 and game titles for the VR, but we will wait for further information.
We are also interested in the release date and price of the controller announced this time, so let's keep an eye on the future developments of PS VR!
Stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for more details!


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