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"Razer Viper" Ultralight Gaming Mouse only 69g!


Razer, a San Francisco, California-based gaming device manufacturer, has released the Razer Viper, an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse weighing just 69 grams.


Razer Viper
Razer Viper
Absolute Control | This is the Razer Viper

The "Razer Viper" is equipped with the RAZER OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES, which uses infrared light to achieve a response time of 0.2ms.
In addition to response time, the RAZER OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES is also highly durable and has passed a durability test of 70 million times.
In PC gaming, a split-second reaction time is often the difference between victory and defeat, and the Razer Viper, which responds instantly to clicks, is a strong ally.
If you want to know more about the RAZER OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES, check out this video from Razer.


Razer Viper
Razer Viper
Absolute Control | This is the Razer Viper

The sensor part is equipped with RAZER 5G OPTICAL SENSOR.
Designed with 99.4% tracking accuracy and up to 16,000 DPI, the RAZER 5G OPTICAL SENSOR instantly responds to intuitive and precise operations.

Lightweight body weighing only 69g

The main body of the mouse is designed to be extremely lightweight, weighing only 69g.
The strength of the mouse, which tends to be compromised by a lightweight design, has also been secured, allowing even heavy operations to be performed with ease.


The cable uses the extremely flexible RAZER SPEEDFLEX CABLE.
The RAZER SPEEDFLEX CABLE offers minimal resistance and does not interfere with operation at any time.

Release date and price

The "Razer Viper" can be purchased from the official Razer website for US$79.99.
The release date and price in Japan have not been determined at this time.
Many gaming mice are comparatively heavy, so the "Razer Viper" will meet the expectations of users who prefer a lightweight mouse.
For more information and to purchase, please visit the Razer Viper product page.

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