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Super Mario Bros. x G-SHOCK! A cute retro Mario collaboration model "DW-5600SMB-4JR" is now available!

スーパーマリオブラザーズ × G-SHOCK!レトロマリオが可愛いコラボモデル「DW-5600SMB-4JR」登場!

There are many products that Japan is proud to offer to the world, but one of the most famous is probably CASIO's " G-SHOCK " wristwatches.
G-SHOCK, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in April 2023, is not only robust, but also offers a wide variety of series, from simple to rugged, chic to pop, and in numerous colors and designs, so there is sure to be a watch that is perfect for everyone. There is always one that is perfect for everyone.
The original models and designs alone are too numerous to count, but since the simple design of the standard models allows for any design to be used in harmony, a variety of collaborative models have been released as well.
Most of the collaboration models are limited in quantity, and a battle of wars is fought every time they are released, but I have a feeling that the collaboration model to be released next time will also be a considerable battle of wars.
The collaboration model with "Super Mario Bros.", which is also loved all over the world, is going on sale!


A pop-up model with the original "Mario" design!

The new "G-SHOCK" and "Super Mario Bros." collaboration model will be the " DW-5600SMB-4JR ".
Based on the standard digital " DW-5600 " model, this model is based on the theme of "Mario, the infinite 1UP who challenges again and again = invincible / G-SHOCK that never gives up and keeps challenging.
The bezel is based on the red color that symbolizes Mario, and the letters "PROTECTION" and "G-SHOCK" are gold, which is reminiscent of coins and crowns, providing a nice color accent.
The entire band has a bold "Mario" layout, and the font around the dial also has a "Mario" feel to it.
The lower part of the dial has a glass-printed design of a " sawtooth hula, " which is cute on its own, but...


When the EL backlight is turned on, Mario appears on the LCD screen.
Combined with the "sawtooth halberd", you can recreate the scene of the infinite 1-up on the staircase!


The back of the watch has an image of Mario being attacked by the "sawtooth", which gives the impression that he has failed in his infinite 1-up maneuver, which is also very playful.


The DW-5600SMB-4JR comes in a special package with designs from the game world.
The bright red base color is a scene from a nostalgic game screen, and Mario's famous line " HERE WE GO!" is embellished with dots.

Special Package

On sale November 11! Don't miss it!

G-SHOCK's "Super Mario Bros." collaboration model "DW-5600SMB-4JR" will go on sale on Friday, November 11, 2022! The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 17,600 yen (including tax).
It will be sold at "G-SHOCK" stores nationwide, but since November 11 is also the opening day of Nintendo OSAKA, you may be able to see the actual watch at Nintendo OSAKA or Nintendo TOKYO...?
Either way, it's a rare and cute collaboration model, so it's expected to be a hotly contested item!
If you want to make sure you get one, check out the pre-order information!
For more details, please check the official G-Shock website!


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