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Rocket Jump Ninja design of meat-pulling gaming mouse is now available in new colors! "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" release decision!

Rocket Jump Ninjaデザインの肉抜きゲーミングマウスに新色登場!「Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail」発売決定!

Xtrfy " is a Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer that continues to produce high-end e-sports equipment that goes beyond gaming devices.
Xtrfy is synonymous with the "M4" and "M42" gaming mice, which have holes in the body, among other high-performance devices.
The " Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail " designed by Rocket Jump Ninja is another highly acclaimed mouse in this popular gaming mouse series that combines light weight and design.
The "Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail ", designed by Rocket Jump Ninja, is also a highly acclaimed mouse.
Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail ", a pure white gaming mouse, is now available!

独自のデザインの超軽量肉抜きゲーミングマウス「Xtrfy MZ1-Zy’s Rail」登場!日本でも販売予定!

Pure white body that looks great with lighting

The "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" is a new color of the "Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail" gaming mouse, which has already been released and is popular all over the world.
The unique shape and design of the Xtrfy MZ1-Zy's Rail have been preserved, while the body is a translucent skeleton white color and the cables are also white.
The white body is a luxurious white color, but its true value comes when the RGB lighting is turned on.
The pure white body reflects the lighting and becomes beautiful, even elegant.
The translucent body of the device also gives the light a nice blurring effect.
Many gaming devices have relatively strong RGB lighting, but the "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" is one of the most beautifully illuminated gaming devices on the market.

Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail
Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail
"Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail"製品ページ
Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail
Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail
"Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail"製品ページ

Release date and price

The "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" will be released on Friday, October 15, 2021 at a price of 11,297 yen (tax included).
Reservations are now being accepted at Xtrfy JAPAN's official reservation site.
Although the MZ1's performance has been proven by gamers all over the world, until now it has only been available in black.
Although many gaming devices come in black, there are many people who use white as their uniform color.
For those of you who have been holding off on adopting these devices because of their color, there is no reason not to get one now, is there?
The "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" combines performance, lightness, and beauty, and opens the door to a new gaming experience!
For more information, please visit the "Xtrfy MZ1 - White Rail" product page!


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【Extry】 Tokyo Inspired Model appeared in Xtrfy's meat-pulling mouse "M4"!
【Extry】 Tokyo Inspired Model appeared in Xtrfy's meat-pulling mouse "M4"!...

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