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Powerwash Simulator" will be released on January 31st! Free DLC "Tomb Raider Special Request" to clean up Lara Croft's mansion is also available!

「パワーウォッシュ シミュレーター」が1月31日に発売決定!ララ・クロフトの邸宅を清掃できる無料DLC「トゥームレイダー特別依頼」も配信!

FuturLab's high-pressure washing simulation game " Power Wash Simulator " was released in July 2022 and became a hot topic of conversation when it became known how exhilarating it is to clean buildings, cars, and other objects with a high-pressure washing machine. Currently available only on Steam and Xbox, a PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version has been announced, but now we finally have a release date! The game is now available only on Steam and Xbox, and the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions have been announced as well.

The PS and Switch versions will be released on Tuesday, January 31st!

"PowerWash Simulator" for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch will be released on Tuesday, January 31, 2023! Finally, you'll be able to play it on PlayStation and on Nintendo Switch!


In the game, you will have a high-pressure cleaner in your hands to unlock new tools and upgrades to clean more and more efficiently. In today's stressful society, relieve your daily stress and worries with Power Wash Simulator, an exhilarating way to get clean and relieve your stress! Power Wash Simulator is a download-only title and will be priced at 2,970 yen (tax included).

Free DLC "Tomb Raider Special Request" will also be available!


In conjunction with the release of the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions of Tomb Raider, the free DLC "Tomb Raider Special Request" will also be available for download! Tomb Raider" by Crystal Dynamics and "Power Wash Simulator" will be collaborating with each other. The free DLC "Tomb Raider Special Request" is a mission to clean the dirt and shine the stage including the mansion of Lara Croft, the main character of "Tomb Raider"! Let's clean the mansion for Lara Croft who is busy adventuring around the world as a treasure hunter!

Lead designer from developer FuturLab and Tomb Raider franchise general manager from rystal Dynamics commented on the collaboration.

FuturLab Lead Designer Dan Chequer

"Creating the Tomb Raider Special Request was an honor and an amazing experience. We look forward to having players explore every nook and cranny of Croft Mansion and uncover its many secrets.


Dallas Dickinson, General Manager, Tomb Raider Franchise, Crystal Dynamics

Every "Tomb Raider" fan has ever been in the middle of exploring Croft Mansion and wondered what Winston would do with the property! While exploring the Croft mansion, you've probably thought to yourself, "Winston needs to do something about this property! With the help of Square Enix Collective and FuturLab, this was not only possible, but very satisfying.


Phil Elliot, Studio Head, Square Enix Collective

We know the community has been asking for more of a wash, and we're thrilled that this "Tomb Raider" collaboration marks the beginning of our post-release rollout. We have received a lot of great support from players, press and content creators and wanted to do something special to show our appreciation.


The free Tomb Raider Special Request DLC will be available on Tuesday, January 31, 2023! For more information about PowerWash Simulator, please visit the official PowerWash Simulator website or follow us on Twitter (@PowerWashSim ).


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