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New mobile version "Team Fight Tactics" is coming from Riot Games famous for LoL! March 20 release start!

LoLで有名なライアットゲームズよりモバイル版「チームファイト タクティクス」が新登場!3月20日リリース開始!

Raiatto Games, famous for its PC online game "League of Legends" ("LoL"), has announced the release of its first mobile game "Team Fight Tactics " ("TFT")!
The game will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play from March 20, 2020.
Pre-registration is now being accepted on Google Play, so if you want to be the first to know about the release, please check it out! Please check it out!

What is Team Fight Tactics (TFT)?

TFT is an 8-player strategy game in which players combine LoL champions and items to form various teams to defeat 7 other opponents.
Since its release in 2019, the game has gained a total of 80 million players worldwide, making it one of the top titles in the auto-battle genre.
What features will be available in the long-awaited mobile version of TFT?
Let's take a closer look.

New features full of challenging elements!

  • Choose a champion from LoL and take on the battle!
  • Cross-play with PCs and mobiles!
  • Free set of TFT "Galaxy Pass"!
  • Win and rise to the top! Full-fledged Ranked Battles

Choose a champion from LoL and take on the battle!

Choose, place, and upgrade your champion from the ever-changing store to win round after round of survival battles.
Whether you want to wreak havoc with your Demon, go on a rampage with your Berserker, or protect your allies with your Warden, the strategy is entirely up to you.

Mobile version of TFT
Google Play

Cross-play on PC and mobile.

Cross-play support allows you to play with friends on PC, Mac, and mobile.
You can enjoy the world of TFT on your favorite device anytime, anywhere.

Mobile version of TFT
Google Play

TFT's free set of "Galaxy Passes"

Galaxy features Champions, Boards, and Little Legends based on various LoL universes.
Unleash the power of the skies, unite as rebels, or become a Dark Star.
Purchase and upgrade your " Galaxy Pass+ " to get exclusive Little Legends, emotes, and arena skins as you play matches.

Mobile version of TFT
Google Play

Win and rise to the top! Full-fledged Ranked Competition

Complete with a full-fledged competition system and matchmaking, the game is as challenging as the PC version.
From Iron to Challenger, your rank will change depending on your final ranking in each match.

Mobile version of TFT
Google Play

Comment from TFT Product Lead (Dax Andrus), Raiatto Games

Since we released the PC version of TFT last year, we have continued to be overwhelmed by the great response we have received from players. We have been receiving requests from players to play TFT on other platforms, and we hope that you will enjoy the mobile version, which faithfully recreates the PC experience, but has been tweaked and optimized in various areas that mobile gamers will love as well. We hope you enjoy the mobile version of the game.


Quality as good as the PC version

TeamFight Tactics

TFT offers a fun and deep chess-like playing experience for players of all styles of play on multiple platforms.
With the release of the mobile version of TFT, we expect the game to become even more exciting.
For those of you who prefer to play games on your mobile devices, this is the perfect game for you.

For more information, please visit the official "TeamFight Tactics" website.


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