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Karaoke? Let's try a new feature Twitch Sings!

Karaoke? Let's try a new feature Twitch Sings!

Twitch, the world's most popular live-streaming platform, has just launched a beta version of Twitch Sings, a new karaoke feature!
With Twitch Sings, you can now stream your favorite "sing-alongs" on the popular video site and deliver them to the world!

What kind of service is it, to be honest?

I had no idea what kind of service it was, so I decided to take a look at the official Twitch introductory movie.

Hohoho. I see. If all you want to do is to stream your singing and get comments, you can do that on Twitch already, can't you? I was foolish to think that.
There is no way the mighty Twitch would release such a simple service!

The Duet function is innovative!

witch Sings
Start a Duet feature

In addition to displaying a karaoke-like pitch bar and lyrics, the most amazing feature is the "Start a Duet" function.
With this feature, you can start a duet with anyone in the world via Twitch Sings!
This is a great feature that allows you to start a duet with someone from all over the world via Twitch Sings!

While most "sing-alongs" on Youtube and Nico Nico often use recording software and audio interfaces to create the sound source, Twitch Sings allows you to do it in real time using free dedicated software!

You can do it with people you know, or you can do it with strangers to create chemistry through duets, which I think is quite innovative!

Since Twitch Sings is currently in beta, only "Sing Solo" and "Start a Duet" are available, but I'm excited to see if it will support multi-person singing and instrumental sessions when it is officially released.

Check the minimum system requirements.

Don't forget to check the minimum system requirements. I went to the trouble of downloading the software, but it doesn't work! Check the minimum system requirements before you download the software!

According to the official Twitch Sings website
OS Windows 7 64bit
GPU 1024 VRAM, DX11 compliant
CPU Intel i5 2,7Ghz, 4 cores (or equivalent)
Storage 1.3 GB free space

Not that many specs required, so feel free to give it a try!

From Twitch Sings to the world!

The Twitch Sings beta version can be downloaded from the official website!
According to the official site, there will be entertainment elements, such as answering viewer requests and putting avatars on stage.
Who knows, maybe one day there will be a professional singer from Twitch Sings......
You might be one of the first!
Let's sing on Twitch Sings!