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Amazfit Cheetah, the first smartwatch in the Amazfit series for runners, monitors eSports too!

eスポーツもモニタリングしてくれる!Amazfitシリーズ初のランナー向けスマートウォッチ「Amazfit Cheetah」レビュー!

No matter how good a gamer you are, if you do not exercise on a regular basis, your body will not be able to move when the time comes. In fact, I feel that if you build up your physical strength on a regular basis, you will have the stamina to play games for long periods of time. However, it is difficult to get up and start exercising on your own! It is also hard to know how much exercise you should be doing in the first place, isn't it? For those gamers out there, I would like to recommend the smartwatch " Amazfit Cheetah " from Amazfit! This is a smartwatch for sports that not only monitors your daily health and sleep, but also has a "Zepp Coach" function that suggests the best exercise plan based on the results of your daily health and sleep monitoring. In particular, "Amazfit Cheetah" is designed specifically for running, as the name "Cheetah" suggests, and is also optimized for sports use.

Amazfit Cheetah" smartwatch for runners

"Amazfit Cheetah"
"Amazfit Che


Saiga NAK

Amazfit Cheetah" is a small package about 10cm square. The lightness of the package leads to high expectations.

"Amazfit Cheetah"
"Amazfit Che


Saiga NAK

When I removed the outer box, I found a "typical" box and a card symbolizing the brand. The overall packaging is white, which matches the sporty image of the Amazfit Cheetah.

The main unit is unveiled
Saiga NAK

Open! The Amazfit Cheetah consists of a round Panda tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating, a gray bezel, a yellow insert color, and a gray band that is as close to white as possible.

Breaking Limits" is the catchphrase of the Amazfit Cheetah brand. It may be a little heavy for light users who want to start exercising, but don't worry, of course, there is a system that even beginners can exercise without difficulty.

Easy Setup
Saiga NAK

Quickly turn on the Amazfit Cheetah and start with the initial setup. Install the Zepp app from the 2D code displayed on the screen, and pairing is complete via Bluetooth! Only 2 minutes so far!

Account setup with the app
Saiga NAK

After pairing Amazfit Cheetah, you can register and log in to your account on the app side. For new registrations, I had to enter my birth date, height, and weight, but I was convinced that the information would be used to analyze my exercise.

The process is quick and easy, and takes about 5 minutes. Now it's time to exercise!

Saiga NAK

The default watch face (dial) looks like this. The date and time are in the center, and the round thing on the left is the battery. On the top is the total number of steps for the day, and on the bottom is the heart rate and calories burned.

The band that comes with the Amazfit Cheetah is made of liquid silicone so it is comfortable to wear, and even if you sweat during exercise, it is dry and can be easily wiped off!

Select your exercise menu
Saiga NAK

If you have ever touched a smartwatch, you will know what it feels like to press the crown to display a list of apps. Tap "Exercise" to see the menu list. There are more than 150 exercise menus (competitions) that are supported!

Exercise Menu List
Running and Walking Running (outdoor), Running machine, Running on the playground, Trail running, Walking, Walking (indoor), Walking race
Cycling Cycling (outdoor), cycling (indoor), mountain biking, bicycle motocross
Swimming Swimming (pool), open water swimming, fin swimming, synchronized swimming
Outdoor sports Climbing, hiking, orienteering, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, roller skating, parkour, all-terrain vehicles, off-road biking
Indoor sports Elliptical, rowing machine, step mill, stair stepper, spinning, fitness (indoor), aerobics, aerobics combo, cross training, group calisthenics, body combat, strength training, step training, core training, flexibility training, free training, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, gymnastics, bars, parallel bars, battle ropes, stretching
Dance Square dance, ballroom dance, belly dance, ballet, street dance, Zumba, Latin dance, jazz dance, hip hop dance, pole dance, break dance, folk dance, dance, modern dance, disco, tap dance
Combat sports Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Kendo, Jujitsu, Fencing
Ball games Soccer, beach soccer, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, baseball, softball, rugby, field hockey, table tennis, badminton, tennis, golf swing, squash, gateball, cricket, handball, bowling, polo, racquetball, billiards, SepakTakraw, dodgeball, water polo, ice hockey, shuttlecock, indoor soccer, footbag, spoorbool, pelota, floorball
Water Activities Boating (outdoor), sailing, kayaking, rowing, dragon boat, paddleboarding, indoor surfing, tubing, water skiing, snorkeling
Winter Sports Skiing, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Orienteering, Biathlon, Skating (outdoor), Skating (indoor), Curling, Bobsleigh and Tobogganing, Sledding, Snowmobile, Snowshoe
Leisure sports Hula hoop, Frisbee, darts, sport kites, tug-of-war, Jens, e-sports, airwalker, trapeze, shuffleboard, foosball, motion-sensing games
Board and card games Chess, checkers, initiation, bridge, board games
Other sports Triathlon, multisport, jump rope, archery, equestrian, stair climbing, car racing

There are also sports that I have honestly never heard of, and surprisingly, even " e-sports " are included. You have to wear it when you play e-sports!

Saiga NAK

If you select walking as a trial, the GPS detection will start.

locates your location


Saiga NAK

It locates your position in 5 seconds! I guess it depends a lot on the surrounding environment and weather, but I still have a feeling it's quite fast.

Exercise start
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Once the GPS is supplemented, you can start exercising! The screen displays exercise time, distance, speed, heart rate and the load on the body. The large font makes it very easy to read while exercising.

Check from the Zepp App
Saiga NAK

Exercise results are automatically synced to the Zepp App. You can check exercise time, distance, average speed, heart rate, calories burned, number of pitches and even elevation. If you have GPS turned on, you can also see a detailed map!

Saiga NAK

Since we're at it, we also measured it in e-sports. Here are the heart rate and stress levels while playing "League of Legends. Both are high in the first half of the game, but in the second half, when victory is approaching, the player seems more relaxed than at the beginning.

By the way, we lost this game.

Change Watch Face
Saiga NAK

One of the most attractive features of smartwatches is the ability to change the watch face (dial).

Mini game watch faces are also


Saiga NAK

Amazfit Cheetah offers eight different watch faces by default, and you can download more than 100 watch faces from the Zepp app! Some of the watch faces allow you to play mini-games like fishing or side-scrolling action.

Zepp Coach
Saiga NAK

Zepp Co ach is the perfect feature for those who are not ready to exercise on their own. By entering your height, weight, exercise goals, current habits, schedule, etc., Zepp Coach will suggest an exercise plan that is suited to you!

Suggested exercise plan
Saiga NAK

In this case, it suggested a 16-minute workout at an average of 111 bpm. If you set a goal like this, training will continue like a game.

Detailed settings are available
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Other settings such as frequency of various monitoring and automatic activation can be set from the Zepp app. The more you heap on these settings, the more battery consumption will increase, so choose what you need.



Saiga NAK

By the way, the charging cable is a USB Type-A powered type.

Saiga NAK

It sticks to the back of the device with a magnet.

Amazfit Cheetah(左)、Amazfit Cheetah Pro(右)
Amazfit Cheetah(left), Amazfit Cheetah Pro(right)
Saiga NAK

This is a review of the Amazfit Cheetah! The Amazfit Cheetah series also includes a higher-end model, the "Amazfit Cheetah Pro", which also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth calling.

For detailed specifications, please check the "Amazfit Cheetah " product page and"Amazfit Cheetah Pro" product page. To purchase, please visit the official Amazfit online store or Amazon.co.jp!

Product Outline
Name Amazfit Cheetah Amazfit Cheetah Pro
Display size 1.39 inches 1.45 inches
Resolution 454 x 454 480 x 480
Battery life Up to 14 days
Weight (excluding band) 32g 34g
Bezel material Fiber-reinforced polymer Titanium alloy
Band Material Liquid silicon Nylon
Speaker & Microphone Microphone Only Speaker & Microphone
Connection Bluetooth 5.3 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
Offline Maps & Route Navigation Supported
Zepp Coach Supported
Bluetooth Calling Not supported Supported
Music Playback Earphone, headphone Earphone, headphone, main unit speaker
Alexa Supported
Color Speedster Gray Run Track Black
Price 49,900 yen (including tax) 59,900 yen (including tax)


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