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Cheerio x Land, Sea and Air Self-Defense Force! Review the renewed "Jungle Man" with special design!


When something happens to us, the SDF is the first reassuring presence to move in.
However, gamers also fight every day.
And it is energy drinks that support us in our daily battles.
Cheerio, a beverage manufacturer that has supported the Japanese beverage industry for a long time, has released many energy drinks including "Lifeguard," "Lifeguard X," "Godzilla Energy," and "Super Megapachi," as well as "Lifeguard," a super-life drink. The company has released many energy drinks, including "Lifeguard," "Lifeguard X," "Godzilla Energy," and "Cho-Gepachi.
Jungleman," which has been popular mainly in vending machines since its launch in 2004, has now been renewed in three different packages in cooperation with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the Air Self-Defense Force!
This time, we will review the "Jungle Man" package, which will go on sale on October 17, 2022 (Monday), and which was provided to us by Cheerio Corporation!


Check out the SDF package!

Land, Sea, and Air Packages
Saiga NAK

The new "Jungleman" package design is the second collaboration with the Japan Self-Defense Forces, following the release of the Air Self-Defense Force's " Blue Impulse " soda water " Blue Impact " in June 2022.
The design incorporates the opinions of the JSDF officers!

JGSDF x Cheerio

JGSDF package (surface)
Saiga NAK

The design on the surface is based on green camouflage.
This is the JGSDF! The camouflage pattern has been used on a variety of products from fashion items to PS4, but it makes a big impact when used on PET bottled beverages.
The powerful "JUNGLEMAN" logo features the emblem of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), a cherry blossom sword, and the letters "JGSDF" (an acronym for Japan Ground Self-Defense Force).
The 47 wings of a pheasant, representing the 47 prefectures of Japan, are spread out.

GSDF package (back side)
Saiga NAK

The back of the package features the JGSDF slogan "There are people you want to protect" and scenes of the JGSDF in action, including parachute drops and infantrymen.
The official characters of the JGSDF, "Takuma-kun" and "Yu-chan," point to a QR code that allows access to the official JGSDF website.

JMSDF x Cheerio

JMSDF package (front)
Saiga NAK

The front of the package features a design based on blue digital camouflage.
The "JUNGLEMAN" font and tint are metallic, and the JMSDF symbol, the cherry blossom anchor, is on the back.

JMSDF package (back side)
Saiga NAK

On the back side of the package is a picture of the JMSDF's

  • Patrol plane P-1
  • Patrol vessel Haguro
  • Patrol plane SH-60K
  • Submarine Souryu
  • Escort vessel Akizuki
  • Submarine Taigei
  • Escort vessel Bear
  • Salvage aircraft US-2
  • Escort vessel Izumo
  • Minesweeper Enoshima

The design includes 10 silhouettes of surface vessels and aircraft such as the submarine Taigei, destroyer US-2, destroyer Izumo, minesweeper Enoshima, etc.
The QR code can also be used to access the JMSDF 's official Twitter account (@JMSDF_PAO ) and YouTube channel " Ministry of Defense Maritime Self-Defense Force Official Channel.

JMSDF x Cheerio

JMSDF package (front)
Saiga NAK

The design on the surface is based on the image of "wings protecting Japan," which was created based on the opinions of the Self-Defense Force officers.
The Hinomaru (Japanese flag) sitting proudly on the front of the package is also impressive.

Air Self-Defense Force package (back side)
Saiga NAK

The back side of the package features the Air Self-Defense Force's mainstay aircraft, the ...

  • F-35
  • F-15
  • F-2

The design is based on the motif of three models of the Air Self-Defense Force's mainstay aircrafts.
The F-15J in particular is probably familiar to Japanese people.
The three QR codes can be accessed on Twitter (@JASDF_PAO), Instagram (@jasdf_pao), and YouTube channel " JASDF Official Channel" of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, respectively.


Jungle Man
Saiga NAK

Jungleman" is a highly carbonated, calorie-free energy drink that contains not only caffeine and arginine, but also coenzyme Q10.
The smell and color of the liquid is similar to Lifeguard, but it is more stimulating because it claims to be highly carbonated.
However, because it is calorie-free, the sweetness is moderate and the aftertaste is smooth.
Perfect for those who like carbonated beverages but are concerned about calories!
The stable "Jungleman".

Saiga NAK

The renewed "Jungleman" has been on sale at Cheerio vending machines in Chubu, Kansai and Okinawa, Cheerio's official online store, and Lifeguard Square since September 1, 2022 (Thursday).
It will be available at some mass merchandisers nationwide from October 17, 2022 (Monday )!
Be sure to get it to replenish your energy for the fight!
For more information on the product, please visit the official Cheerio website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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