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Refreshing and zero calories! Fried chicken-specific cola with a refreshing lemon flavor, tried it fast!

爽快感抜群でゼロカロリー!爽やかなレモンが香る「ペプシ フライドチキン専用」を早速飲んでみた!

As we enter the middle of December, the world is gradually getting into the Christmas mood.
Christmas is a time for decorating the tree and exchanging gifts, but there are also many people who enjoy eating fried chicken with friends and family at Christmas parties. Fried chicken and Coke. It is the most popular combination to drink a glass of Coke with the juices that spread in your mouth. On December 6, 2022 (Tuesday), a new cola specially designed to go well with fried chicken will go on sale. It is called " Pepsi F ried Chicken Special!

A cola developed specifically to pair with fried chicken!

ペプシ フライドチキン専用コーラ
Pepsi Fried Chicken Special
Saiga NAK

Pepsi Fried Chicken Special" released by Suntory Foods International Ltd. is a cola developed with a focus on its compatibility with fried chicken, a staple food during the Christmas season!

The entire label is reminiscent of the carbonation and water droplets of cola, and an illustration of juicy fried chicken is depicted on the bottom of the bottle, which intuitively makes you want to pair it with fried chicken.

It is a large 600 ml bottle that is plenty large enough to drink, yet contains zero calories, sugar, and carbohydrates! It's a refreshing lemon flavored cola!

Refreshing lemon flavor! It also has a refreshing aftertaste, perfect with fried chicken!

ペプシ フライドチキン専用コーラをグラスへ
Shuwa shuwa...
Saiga NAK

The fine, intense carbonation that becomes apparent when poured into a glass. The refreshing lemon aroma that wafts through the air along with the cola aroma, stirs up your appetite.

ペプシ フライドチキン専用をフライドチキンと一緒にSaiga NAK

This time, it's served with some bone-in fried chicken from Domino's Pizza! After biting into the fried chicken, we pour it down with a vigorous cola.

ペプシ フライドチキン専用とグラスSaiga NAK

Drinking it after the greasy fried chicken makes the refreshing lemon flavor and refreshing carbonation stand out even more. Combined with the zero-calorie content, the cola itself is not too sweet and has a refreshing aftertaste, so you can enjoy the fried chicken without any greasy aftertaste!

Available only during the winter season, but available nationwide!

ペプシ フライドチキン専用コーラとピザとフライドチキンSaiga NAK

The "Pepsi Fried Chicken Special" that we reviewed this time is available only during the winter season in Japan. It is available at convenience stores, supermarkets, and mass merchandisers, but there is a chance that you may not be able to find it anywhere near you.

If you eat fried chicken at Christmas, please try drinking "Pepsi Fried Chicken Special" with it. This is a review of "Pepsi Fried Chicken Special!


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