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True Red Bull!? I drank "Red Bull Red Edition" and gave it a red wing!

真のレッドブル!?「Red Bullレッドエディション」を飲んで赤色の翼を授かってみた!

In the age of energy drinks, unique energy drinks are being created every day to provide energy to those who work hard.
Red Bull " is one of the most popular energy drinks in the industry, and this fall, " Red Bull Red Edition " will be available in limited quantities from September 28, 2021 (Tuesday).

I thought to myself, "Red Bull in red is not a true Red Bull..." and then I looked up "Red Bull Red Edition" and found out that it is a "watermelon flavor". I looked up "Red Bull Red Edition" and found that it is "watermelon flavored".
I was wondering if it was red because of the watermelon color... I was curious to try it, and to my surprise, Red Bull offered it to me!
Thank you so much! Now let's get right to the review!

Summer is coming back with "Passionate Wings Kid".

Red Bullレッドエディション
Passionate Wings Kid
Saiga NAK

The "Wings of Passion Kid," a gift from Red Bull, brings summer back to the beach.
Surfboards, beach balls, seashells, and beach sand.
It looks like summer has come back to the beach.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Red Bull Red Edition
Saiga NAK

And this time, red Red Bull.
It goes perfectly with the autumn leaves in the coming season.
Now, let me give you the red wings right away!

Here's someone who wants energy.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Head coach during the game
Saiga NAK

He is Hedoko, the head coach of a sports business in Minato-ku.
He is playing the game with a very serious look on his face.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Overly enthusiastic and hot head coach
Saiga NAK

He seems to be too absorbed in the game and looks very hot.
Wings are at their limit, too.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Chilled Red Bull
Saiga NAK

We brought the head coach a bottle of chilled Red Bull!

Red Bullレッドエディション
Resurrected Head Coach
Saiga NAK

Hedoko: "Red Bull tastes good, doesn't it? "
The head coach drinks a chilled Red Bull and seems to have regained his wings!

Red Bullレッドエディション
I miss summer
Saiga NAK

The Head Coach is seriously looking at the Red Bull.
Hedoko: "Well, this summer is over, but I wish I could have enjoyed it a little more... "
Apparently, drinking a crisp, chilled Red Bull made him miss summer.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Red Bull Red Edition insert
Saiga NAK

You mean this?

Red Bullレッドエディション
The head coach is surprised by the red Red Bull
Saiga NAK

Hedco "ah!? Red Red Bull, Red Red Bull, Red Red Bull, Red Red RedBull!!!? "

The head coach is confused when he sees the red Red Red Bull.
Yes, this is the limited time "Red Bull Red Edition".

Red Bullレッドエディション
Red and white coloring
Saiga NAK

The label design highlights the familiar bull that has been a part of Red Bull's limited-quantity products.
The red and silver coloring gives a sense of strength.

Red Bullレッドエディション
Ingredients list
Saiga NAK

What ingredients are in this blazing red, so-hot Red Bull!
The head coach checks in!
Per 100ml per bottle...

  • Energy 45kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 10.7g
  • Salt equivalent 10.2g
  • Niacin 3mg
  • Pantothenic acid 2.0mg
  • Vitamin B6 2.0mg
  • Vitamin B2 0.09mg
  • Vitamin B12 2.0㎍
  • Arginine 120mg
  • Caffeine 32mg

The ingredients have 1kcal less energy and 0.1g less carbohydrates than regular Red Bull, but the caffeine content is the same at 32mg per 100ml.
And although it is watermelon flavored, it is fruit-free.
The product description says...

RED BULL The Red Edition - Wild Passion (watermelon flavored energy drink):Developed for when you want to perform. A micro-carbonated beverage with arginine, caffeine, niacin, pantothenic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12.
Red Bull is appreciated around the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students, and people on long drives.

The description gives the impression that this is a product with a style that is not a champion.
It is a description that exudes absolute confidence, as if there is nothing more to say!

Red Bullレッドエディション
Open the package!
Saiga NAK

Let's start with the color!

Red Bullレッドエディション
Pour it in!
Saiga NAK

And a faint scent of watermelon!

Red Bullレッドエディション
Check color
Saiga NAK

That's the "Red Bull Red Edition"!
It's even redder than I had imagined!

Red Bullレッドエディション
What is the taste you are interested in?
Saiga NAK

Now let's see how it tastes...

Red Bullレッドエディション
Head coach bringing back summer
Saiga NAK

The pleasant carbonation is accompanied by the aroma of watermelon.
The pleasant watermelon flavor spread in my mouth, and the strawberry syrup tasted like something that makes me miss summer!
Summer may have passed, but for the head coach who drank the " Red Bull Red Edition," it was back in full force!
It seems that the head coach, who was looking for summer, has successfully received his red wings!

Limited quantities are now available for pre-sale!

Red Bullレッドエディション
Head Coach back in the game!
Saiga NAK

The " Red Bull Red Edition " is priced at 190 yen (excluding tax) and will be available at convenience stores nationwide, online stores, and some other distribution outlets from September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) in limited quantities!
It will also go on sale to the general public at supermarkets and drugstores on Tuesday, October 26!
Why don't you take this opportunity to try it for yourself?
For more information on Red Bull Red Edition, please check out the official Red Bull website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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