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Xiaomi's budget tablet, the Mi Pad, is the gold standard for low-cost tablets! Here's my review of the Mi Pad!

Xiaomi's budget tablet, the Mi Pad, is the gold standard for low-cost tablets! Here's my review of the Mi Pad!

This time, I'm reviewing iPad mini! I got a Mi Pad ( 64GB model) sold by Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer, and I will review it!
Xiaomi is the " Apple of China " and is a popular brand among the local young generation.
The product lineup is designed for the low price range, but the fact that Xiaomi offers products at an affordable price without compromising specifications seems to be the source of its popularity in China and other emerging countries.


MiPadSaiga NAK

The package is made of kraft paper like cardboard.
The logo with a "Mi" motif of Mi Pad is printed on the upper right corner of the box.

Now it's time to open the package!

MiPadSaiga NAK

Once opened, the tablet is revealed.
It has a double bottom, and the accessories are bundled under the tablet.

Included accessories

MiPadSaiga NAK

The bundled items are very simple: AC adapter, USB cable, instruction manual, warranty card, and pin.
It gives the impression that the minimum necessary items are included in the package.

Back side

MiPadSaiga NAK

A camera and speakers are embedded on the back.
The volume is loud, but it is just like a tablet speaker.
The back is available in five colors: yellow, pink, white, blue, and green.
There is a microSD card slot on the side.

AC adapter

MiPadSaiga NAK

The AC adapter included in the package. There is no circular hole on the outlet plug part, which is usually seen on Japanese home appliances.
Also, there is no PSE mark because the product is not deployed in Japan. Therefore, this AC adapter cannot be used in Japan.
If you want to use it, it is your own responsibility, but you can use a third-party AC adapter that is available at electronics retailers.

When it is time to start up

MiPadSaiga NAK

When I started up the device, the language setting screen appeared immediately.
You can choose between Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) and English. The display cannot be changed, but it is possible to set the text input to Japanese if you install Google Japanese Input or other software later.

MiPadSaiga NAK

The time zone is set by default. Of course, you can change it later.

MiPadSaiga NAK

GPS settings, etc. This can also be changed at any time.

After completing the setup, you will see apps you have never seen before and a UI that does not look like Android.

MiPadSaiga NAK
MiPadSaiga NAK

After completing the setup, you will be taken to the home screen where the list of apps is displayed.
The UI uses Xiaomi's own MIUI, which is completely different from the conventional Android UI.

Also, since it is sold in China, all the apps are ones I have never seen before. Also, although it is Android-based, there is not a single application that comes pre-installed with Android, such as the standard Android browser or Google PlayStore.

Widgets are also displayed in MiPad's own form, which cannot be set on multiple pages and can only be set on one page. These widgets can be customized according to your preferences.

As for the screen colors, they are crisp and clear with no missing dots; at 2048 x 1536 pixels, the specifications are comparable to those of other tablets.

The specs look like this.

MiPadSaiga NAK

2GB of RAM, 64GB of ROM, and the Android version was KitKat (4.4.2).

Review & Miscellaneous Comments

Xiaomi is known as the Apple of China, and I thought it was attractive to get these specs at this price.
The only inconvenience is that Google services are not available as standard even though it is an Android device. In China, major services such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are restricted by the Great Firewall, so I guess they omitted those services from the beginning.
It seems that some non-Chinese models have them pre-installed, but this has not been confirmed at this time.

Apps are installed from AmazonAppStore.

Since Google PlayStore is not available, Xiaomi's own app market is preinstalled. However, only apps from Chinese manufacturers are available (among Japanese manufacturers, apps from Pixiv were distributed).
Therefore, Amazon AppStore is used to install major Japanese domestic apps. the Mi Pad is Android-based, so you can use it without any problem.
For apps that are not distributed by Amazon AppStore as well, you can upload the APK file to Dropbox, download it to the Mi Pad, and install it, but this is inconvenient for those who frequently install apps.

The size is exquisite.

The Mi Pad is the same size as the iPad mini, and comic books are easy to read in spreads.
Some people say, "Why not just use an iPad mini? However, Google Japanese input, back key, and batch closing of apps are very convenient and useful, so I am currently using Mi Pad as my main tablet.


Xiaomi (Xiaomi) is not planning to expand in Japan, so the only way to purchase is to buy in mainland China or buy parallel imports.
Parallel imports will cost more than the regular price, so I don't think I would recommend it because the low price will spoil the sale.
If you have a chance to travel to China, please try it!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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