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Western Digital hosts esports tournament! "AWDC: Apex Legends Western Digital Cup" is here! "DetonatioN Gaming" also cooperates!

ウエスタンデジタルがeスポーツ大会を主催!「AWDC:Apex Legends Western Digital Cup」開催!「DetonatioN Gaming」も協力!

Western Digital Japan, LLC, the Japanese subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation, a California-based HDD and flash memory manufacturer that owns SanDisk and other companies, will sponsor the popular battle royale FPS "Apex Legends" competition on Sunday, July 18, 2021. Western Digital Japan G.K., a Japanese subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation, which manufactures HDDs and flash memory and is a subsidiary of SanDisk, announced that it will hold a competition of the popular battle royale FPS "Apex Legends" on Sunday, July 18, 2021, in cooperation with the professional e-sports team "DetonatioN Gaming", which it sponsors.

Apex Legends" Online Competition

AWDC: Apex Legends Western Digital CUP" is an online competition of "Apex Legends" for PC and PlayStation hosted by Western Digital LLC.
The tournament will be held with 20 teams participating from the general public.
A special site has been set up on the "DetonatioN Gaming" website, and entries can be made by clicking the " Enter here " link on the special site.

The tournament will be hosted by Taiga Kishi as MC and BobSappAim as guest commentator, and will be broadcast on two platforms: YouTube and OPENTEC.tv.

And prizes unique to Western Digital!

WD_BLACKWestern Digital Corporation

The prizes were sponsored by Western Digital, and included a lineup of gaming SSDs and other items that gamers would love to win.

  • Winning team: WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD (1 each x 3 winners)
  • MVP Team:WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD (1 each x 3 winners)
  • Viewer's gift:Scarf towel with WD_BLACK logo Folding chair with SanDisk logo

As you can see, viewer gifts will also be given away, and 10 people who fill out the entry form with the keywords announced during the live broadcast of the tournament will be selected by drawing to win original goods.
For details, check the official WD Twitter or SanDisk official Twitter announcement.

Entry deadline is July 15!

This competition will be held with 20 teams, and if the number of teams exceeds the maximum number of teams allowed to participate, a drawing will be held.
Entries can be made via Google Forms, but please keep in mind that iCloud Mail should not be used.
The deadline for entry is July 15 (Thu.) at 10:00 a.m. If you have an Apex team, why not consider participating?

Tournament Name AWDC: Apex Legends Western Digital Cup
Date and Time Sunday, July 18, 13:00~.
Application Deadline Thursday, July 15, 10:00
Number of participating teams 20 teams
Participation Fee Free of charge
Supported Platforms PC version, PlayStation version
Maps used World's Edge
Kings Canyon
Number of Matches 2 Matches for each map, 6 Macths in total
Organizer Western Digital Godo Kaisha, Ltd.
Cooperation by Asahi Advertising Inc.
Operated by Sun-Gence Inc.
TechnoBlood eSports, Inc.
Special website http://team-detonation.net/awdc/


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