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Sneak into the after-party held after the eBay awards ceremony! Behind the scenes of cross-border e-commerce, generous support such as authenticity guarantee service and speed packs


The " eBay Japan Awards 2023 " were recently held at a certain location in Tokyo, where a total of 16 sellers were honored for selling items from Japan to the rest of the world. In this issue, we introduce eBay SpeedPAK, eBay's " Authenticity Guarantee Service ", as well as the party held after the awards ceremony.

「eBay Japan Awards 2023」に日本を代表するセラーが集結、ブランド品やカードゲームなど好調

Many sellers mingled and exchanged information at the party.

パーティーSaiga NAK

After the "eBay Japan Awards 2023," a party was held with many participants, including the buyers who received awards. Although the number of Japanese sellers on eBay is on the rise, there is still room for more recognition and know-how to be accumulated. Participants actively interacted and exchanged information.

Live commerce demonstration

ライブコマースデモSaiga NAK

Live commerce " is a new sales format that allows sellers (sellers) and buyers (buyers) to communicate with each other in real time through video. The appeal of this new sales format is that it can be started with simple lighting and a smartphone, and there are many examples around the world where influencers and celebrities have appeared on stage, leading to large sales.

ライブコマースデモSaiga NAK

At the venue, actual live commerce will be shown. There is a wide range of categories that can be displayed, such as brand bags and trading cards.


In February 2024, the entire eBay Group will open the world's first studio dedicated to live commerce, Qoo10 Live Studio, in Shibuya. In Japan, the culture of live streaming has always been strong, so it is likely to spread quickly in the e-commerce field as well.

eBay Authenticity Guarantee

eBayの皆さんSaiga NAK

eBay has published the top 10 cross-border EC transactions from Japan in 2023.

  • No. 1: Women's Apparel & Bags Branded Accessories
  • No. 2: Watches, Parts & Accessories
  • No. 3: Anime Art & Character Goods
  • No. 4: Camera lenses & filters
  • No.5: Trading Cards
  • No. 6: Film cameras
  • No. 7: Auto Parts
  • No. 8: Men's apparel & bags, branded accessories
  • No. 9: Video games (console)
  • No. 10: Digital Cameras

Especially in the case of brand bags and trading cards, the quality and condition of the product, as well as its authenticity, are very important. It is very difficult to tell from photographs alone. Therefore, eBay has been offering a " Guaranteed Authenticity Service " since November 2020 to authenticate high-value items such as bags and watches free of charge. By having items purchased on eBay checked by professional appraisers, both sellers and buyers can conduct transactions safely and securely.

eBay Authenticity Guarantee(真贋保証サービス)Saiga NAK

In December 2023, eBay Authentication Japan Center (eBay Authentication and Delivery Service Japan Center), the first authenticity assurance and delivery center in Asia, will be opened in Tokyo. Products handled at the Authentication Japan Center are shipped to buyers in a special box with a card indicating that the product has been authenticated. The accompanying card incorporates product information data, allowing buyers to wait for the product to arrive with peace of mind.

eBay Authenticity Guarantee(真贋保証サービス)Saiga NAK

Currently, brands such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Celine, and Chanel in the handbag category are covered by the authenticity guarantee, but more categories and brands will be added in the future. Trading cards, in particular, are widely traded in Japan and abroad, so we look forward to the addition of more services in the future.

"eBay SpeedPAK".

eBay SpeedPAK(スピードパック)eBay

While we are sure that everyone has experience with domestic mail and product shipping within Japan, many people may find cross-border e-commerce hurdles when it comes to home delivery outside of Japan. In December 2023, eBay will launch its official logistics service " eBay SpeedPAK " for Japan. The service is directly linked to the eBay system to support the seller's product shipping process.

With eBay SpeedPAK, shipping outside Japan can be completed in as little as one business day. Based on the experience of handling more than 200 million items to date, eBay SpeedPAK works with international courier services to ensure smooth shipping procedures and lower costs. Localization for Japanese sellers and extensive customer service, including chat and phone, are also available.

New Seller of the Year Seigo Makita (left)

Mr. Harugo Makita, a sole proprietor who was honored at the "eBay Japan Awards 2023," said that in his dealings with buyers, "It's faster than buying in the U.S. I've never had a problem. He said, "It's faster than buying in the U.S.! Because eBay focuses on supporting cross-border EC, it is a great advantage to be able to clear the hurdle of shipping issues.

When we talked to the sellers, they told us that they had to start out with a lot of trial-and-error. However, it is also true that Japan has many strengths, such as automobiles, digital products, animation and games, and other materials that can be used to promote sales to the world. While many e-commerce sites in Japan have their own characteristics and user base, there is no doubt that eBay is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of cross-border e-commerce, regardless of whether it is for individuals or corporations. It made me think that business opportunities may still be lying around the corner if we are conscious of the world's 8 billion people, rather than Japan's 100 million people.

Listing on eBay is possible from 0 yen. If you already have a domestic EC business or are interested in cross-border EC as a side business or your main business, why not try eBay, which offers excellent Japanese-language support?


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