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Esports festival "eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021" from Saitama will be held online

埼玉発eスポーツの祭典「​​eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021」のオンライン開催が決定

The eSports SAI Executive Committee, led by TechnoBlood eSports, a new company established by TechnoBlood Corporation to further expand the eSports business, has announced the "eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021," a festival of eSports from Saitama. eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021 ", a festival of eSports from Saitama.

テクノブラッドがeスポーツ事業の拡大を目的にした新会社「TechnoBlood eSports」を設立

eSports from SAITAMA

​​eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021

eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021

"​​eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021"公式サイト

eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021" is an e-sports event to be held under the slogan " eSports from Saitama.
The event will be broadcast online from Sonic City over two days on May 3 (Monday, national holiday) and May 4 (Tuesday, national holiday ), 2021.
The event will feature an eSpo SAI online discussion with guests and an online tournament using Puyo Puyo eSports and Tekken 7.

eSpo SAI Online Discussion

eSPO SAI Online Discussion
"​​eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021"公式サイト

The online discussion will consist of two parts: " eSports x SAITAMA" and "SAITAMA eSports Summit.
The discussion was moderated by Mr. Kojiro Tanaka, Director of the Saitama Industrial Culture Center's Promotion Section. Each part will be conducted with a different guest.

Part 1: "e-Sports x Saitama

A discussion will be held on the efforts of the game and animation business in Saitama Prefecture and its future prospects and possibilities.


  • Mr. Fujioka, Manager, Cross Planning Department, Recreation Business Bureau, KADOKAWA Co.
  • Mr. Naoki Kawakami (Manager, e-Sports Office, Marketing Division, Cygames, Inc.)
  • Mr. Takio Kokubu (Director, Saitama North Bureau, J:COM Saitama & East Japan Co.)

Part 2 "SAITAMA e-Sports Summit

Discussions will be held on the current state of e-sports from the perspectives of professional e-sports players, tournament organizers, and actual players, as well as on the future and dreams of e-sports.


  • Ms. Ayana Tsubaki (TV Personality, MC)
  • Mr. live (Puyopuyo Japan e-sports professional license holder)
  • Mr. KEVIN (Monster Strike Japan, e-sports professional license holder / community tournament organizer)
  • Mr. Mar-San (eFootball Winning Eleven Japan eSports Pro License Holder)

Puyopuyo eSports

Online competition using Sega's falling puzzle game " Puyopuyo eSports ".
It will be held on the first day of the event schedule, Monday, May 3, 2021 (national holiday).
Details will be announced at a later date.

Tekken 7

An online tournament using " Tekken 7," a 3D fighting game from Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc.
It will be held on the second day of the event, May 4, 2021 (Tuesday, national holiday).
Details will be announced at a later date.

From Saitama to the World

"eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021" will be held in an online format, so participants can come from all over the world as well as Japan.
The event will be held in Saitama, a city that leads the field of animation and digital content, which is expected to continue to develop in the future.
For more details and updates, please visit the official "eSports SAITAMA FESTA 2021" website and follow the official Twitter (@eSportsSAITAMA ).

Outline of the event
Organizer eSports SAI Executive Committee
Co-sponsor Saitama Industrial & Cultural Center (Sonic City)
Secretariat TechnoBlood eSports Inc.
Executive Committee TechnoBlood eSports, Inc.
Saitama Newspaper Co.
Fusion LLC.
Saitama eSports Association
Saitama eSports Council
Supported by Saitama Prefecture
Saitama City
Saitama Sports Commission
J:COM Saitama, East Japan Corporation
Supported by GALLERIA (Third Wave Co., Ltd.)
Sekisui House, Ltd.
Digital Performance Energy ZONe


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