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Fortnite×Avengers again! "Endgame" Collab

Fortnite×Avengers again!

Popular battle royale TPS game Epic Games' "Fortnite" has once again collaborated with Marvel's popular series "The Avengers" with the release of patch 8.50.

This time, Thanos has led the Chitauri to invade the island of "Fortnite Battle Royale. They are after the six Infinity Stones. The Chitauri invaders and the heroes will face off against each other in a battle of the Avengers' items, which will be found in treasure chests on the map.


Outline of "Endgame" mode

Chitauri invasion army

  • The invading army wins after collecting 6 falling Infinity Stones and then wipe out the Heroes
  • The invading army starts with powerful laser rifles, counter-building grenades, and jet packs that make them temporarily jump higher
  • Chitauri, the first to obtain the Infinity Stone, transforms into Thanos.
  • Thanos is a strong offensive force, with strong punches, beams and landing punches after jumping up high.
  • When Thanos is defeated, another Chitauri transforms into Thanos.
  • Every time an Infinity Stone is obtained, Thanos is strengthened and Chitauri gains more strength.
  • Chitauri can keep respauning until 99 are defeated.

Hero Team

  • The Hero Team wins if they can wipe out the invading forces while protecting the 6 falling Infinity Stones.
  • Heroes start with a treasure map with the location of the Avenger's items.
  • Other Avengers items can be found in tresure chests on the map.
  • Captin America's shield, Thor's hammer, Iron Man's revulsor, and Hawkeye's bow are all beginner-friendly and high-performance.
  • Heroes have high endurance, with a shield of 300 and strength of 300.
  • Heroes can keep repawning until all 6 Infinity Stones are taken.

Completing challengers during the Limited Mode "Endgame", you will get free rewards such as sprays, emotes, gliders, and the "Avengers Quinjet". In the store, available of for the first Marvel set includes costumes "Black Widow", "Widow's Pack", "Pickaxe", "Widow's Bite"and emote "Widow's Pirouette". A second Marvel set will also be available later in the week.

For more information on the update and event details, please see the paich-notes:

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