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"Identity V Fifth Personality" holds an immersive MR esports tournament! Experience new expressions in the finals of "Identity V Championship Japan Summer 2020"!

「Identity V 第五人格」が没入型MR eスポーツ大会を開催!「Identity V Championship Japan Summer 2020」の決勝大会で新たな表現を体感しよう!

NetEase Games develops and operates the popular asymmetrical game " Identity V: The Fifth Personality."
While most asymmetrical games are hard-hitting, "Identity V" is popular among people of all ages for its dark yet pop worldview.
The game has been the topic of collaboration with "Danganronpa," "Persona 5," "Scissorhands," and many other works.
On Sunday, August 30, 2020, the "Identity V 5th Personality" e-sports tournament " Identity V Championship Japan Summer 2020 " was held in Japan, with a total prize pool of 8 million yen!
It was an " immersive MR e-sports tournament " held in a new format, but what exactly was the format like?

Enhancing the immersive experience with innovative expressions

The Identity V Championship Japan Summer 2020 (IVC Japan) is the second "Identity V 5th Personality" eSports tournament to be held in Japan.
This year, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the tournament had to be held almost entirely online.
Because of this situation, the innovative "Immersive MR eSports Tournament " was held using UE4 (Unreal Engin 4) as a new way to showcase the event.

MR " is a technology that superimposes the virtual world (digital space) on the real world.
As opposed to "AR," which projects CG characters into the real world, "MR" can display flesh-and-blood people and objects in the virtual world.
At the Japan IVC, the live broadcast participants were projected into the "Identity V Fifth Personality" world, giving the audience the feeling that the game was being broadcast directly from the game world.

Which team will win?

The Japan IVC using "MR" is still available for viewing today.
The four teams from ACL, As, AL, and LM advanced to Day 2 of the finals, where the winner of the Japan IVC 2020 will be decided in a hot and electrifying match!

The results of this tournament are already available, but we will not tell you about them here.
Which team will win the championship and qualify for the world championship? Find out for yourself!

Lots of events for the 2nd anniversary of the service in Japan!

Identity V 5th Personality" will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in Japan this year in 2020! Congratulations!
There will be many commemorative events including the " Identity V Autumn Cafe "!
We can't take our eyes off "Identity V 5th Personality", not only in the main game, but also in the events that will be held.
For more information on "Identity V 5th Personality," please visit the official website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The collaboration event of "IdentityV Fifth Personality" and Danganronpa finally starts!
The collaboration event of "IdentityV Fifth Personality" and Danganronpa finally...

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