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KOF XV's "Offline Matchup" that anyone can participate in will be held at Nagoya Combusta from 13:00 on Sunday, May 29, 2022!

どなたでも参加可能なKOF XVの〝オフライン対戦会〟が2022年5月29日に「コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYA」にて開催!

With official online tournaments coming soon, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV " (KOFXV) will be the hottest gaming event in 2022.
Online tournaments are great, but for those of you who prefer to play " offline", an event will be held at Commufa Stadium in Nagoya.
Pro gamer "Abao" (@abao014), a member of KRone Corporation and JeSU pro license holder, will be in charge of this event! He will be available for beginners and intermediate level players to ask for advice and request a match!
Let's enjoy the new version of KOFXV in a large venue along with the new DLC & adjustments!

世界3地域で毎週開催!KOF XV公式オンライン大会「KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series」開催決定!エントリー受付開始!

KOFXV Offline Battle Party will be held on May 29th!

名古屋Commufa Stadium
Nagoya Commufa Stadium

A KOFXV off line battle will be held at Nagoya Commufa Stadium on Sunday, May 29, 2022 from 1:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join! Participation fee is 2,000 yen for the venue, and the maximum number of participants is 30.
Please check TwiPla for event registration and details.

KOFXV - Request to bring your own controller

We are also looking for players who have both the DL version and the packaged version of KOFXV to participate in this event.

The more we gather, the more battle tables we can add and the smoother the event will be, so if you would like to help, please mention it in the comments when you join the event.

We also have several arcade controllers and PS4 controllers available for loan! However, the number is limited, so if you can bring your own, please do so if at all possible!

Of course, pad players are encouraged to bring their favorite gamepads!

Outline of KOFXV Battle Party 【Nagoya Commufa Stadium】Outline
Date and time Sunday, May 29, 13:00 - 19:00
Participation fee 2,000 yen
*There will be a venue fee to cover the cost of the event.
Game Title KOFXV (King of Fighters 15)
Capacity 30 people
We will adjust the number of participants and the number of games you can help us with as much as possible.
Venue Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA
3 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0008
Nagoya Parco East Building 7F, 3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Direct access from "Yabacho" station on Nagoya Municipal Subway Meijo Line
Registration and event details https://twipla.jp/events/513551

Support for beginners and intermediate players is also provided!


If you want to play against other players during the event, or if you have any problems with strategy, Abao-san will be there to help you! If you want to play against him during the event, or if you have any strategy problems, Abao-san will be there to help you! Ask him for tips and tricks on how to perform combos!


Plus, he's super-powerful! " Offline Battle Meeting Amulet " will be given away for free!
We'll give this to beginners and those who aren't confident enough! If you wear it, you can protect yourself from the fierce players who are hungry to play offline........
If you want this charm, Abao will draw an illustration on it for you! If Mr. Abao will write an illustration on this charm, all the fierce fighters and fans who are hungry to play offline will want to have it!

Free bottle of Yakult!


A free bottle of Yakult related products will be given away at the venue! Thanks to Yakult Tokai for providing it!
Not only the usual Yakult, but also the popular Yakult 1000! We are also happy to have tea and café au lait.

Free to visit, and official SNK goods for sale!

Official SNK Goods

At the Commufa Stadium, the venue for the event, SNK, the creators of KOFXV, will be selling official SNK goods !
This area is also open to those who are not participating in the tournament, so please feel free to visit.
And if you feel up to it, you might even join us for a match-up!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

69151どなたでも参加可能なKOF XVの〝オフライン対戦会〟が2022年5月29日に「コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYA」にて開催!
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