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Photo report of "Super Combusta Festival Monst Day #1" held at "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA"!

「コミュファ eSports Stadium NAGOYA」で開催されたオフラインイベント「超コミュスタ祭 モンストDay #1」をフォトレポート!

One of the most popular smartphone apps in Japan, " Monster Strike " (hereinafter referred to as " MonStrike "), the smartphone app of XFLAG, the entertainment business brand of mixi, Inc.
The game has been on the rise, with XFLAG PARK 2022 to be held offline for the first time in three years this summer, and the total number of users surpassing 55 million worldwide this spring.
MonSt is such a hot topic right now, and on Saturday, June 4, 2022, " Super Commuter Festival MonStDay #1 " was held at the eSports facility " Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA " in Nagoya!
Solo play is fun in MonSt, but the best part of MonSt is the multiplayer game where you can connect with other strikers and play together.
The winning teams from the Chubu and Kansai Preliminary Rounds of the MonSt Grand Prix 2022 participated as guests at the event and had fun with the contents prepared at the venue.
We would like to share with you some scenes from MonStDay #1 of the Cho-Communista Festival!

The "Cho-Communista Festival MonStDay #1" was held!


The venue for MonStDay #1 was the eSports facility " Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA " operated by Chubu Telecommunications Co.
The facility offers comfortable gaming lines that reduce latency and lag, including Japan's first " Commufa Hikari Gaming Custom," an optical fiber line specialized for online gaming.
The "Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA" is equipped with an environment that allows gamers to play games comfortably, and of course, offline events are also held there!
On the day of the event, the venue was filled with various MonSt contents for MonSt fans to enjoy!


Now let's go to the reception desk and enter the venue.
MonSt banners near the reception area! It's a great way to get excited before you even enter the venue!

コミュファ光 【NNコミュニケーションズ】

Contents unique to MonStDay #1 of the Cho-Communista Festival

Photo Spot


Upon entering the venue, you will find a photo spot where you can take pictures to commemorate your visit to the Cho-Communista Festival MonStDay #1!
The photo spot looked like a trick art using perspective, and we were able to take a picture with Oragon!

Message Board Corner


There was also a message board corner at the venue!
Not only thoughts for MonSt, but also messages for the monsters to be pushed, strike shots! and various other powerful messages were posted on the message boards!


Each participant wrote a message to MonSt!

To the venue lounge


In the lounge, there were people playing MonSt multiplayer in a friendly atmosphere, including the Commufa staff!
There was no age barrier, and everyone was playing in unison!


There was also a MonSt book corner in the lounge!
There were also cards for ranks, and people were enjoying conversations with books in their hands.
After all, it's difficult to talk online, so this is a great opportunity for offline interaction!

Commista novelty chocolates


Limited edition chocolates with illustrations of the staff and the Commista logo, etc., were distributed at the event.
Visitors enjoyed looking at the chocolates printed with illustrations of staff members and trying to find the staff member in the illustration.

MonStYouTuber Experience Corner


At MonStDay #1 of the Cho-Communista Festival, there was a "MonStYouTuber Experience" corner where you could become a YouTuber with professionals!


The winners of the MonSt Grand Prix 2022, "Kirara EL (@nantoka_el) ", " Piyomaru (@piyooO_mnst )" and "Gorz (@GorzMonst) ", will participate in this event. The YouTuber experience was held together with the participants who came to the event.
Participants enjoyed the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a famous player and experience YouTubing at the same time!

Real Gimmick Battle!


Real gimmick battles were held on the main screen!
In the Real Gimmick Battle, players play MonSt using three types of gimmicks: "two-handed gloves," "bottle-bottom glasses," and "upside-down goggles.
There were times when the players struggled to play in unusual and unfamiliar conditions!
In the real gimmick battle, which could be played with a large LED screen in the background, the audience laughed at the commentary and the actual play by the participating guests, which was very exciting.
In addition to the real gimmicks, there were also suggestions for binding the players to choose a monster!
This was the kind of fun that can only be had at an offline tournament.


There was a line at the registration desk for the real gimmick battle, and it was such a big success that all the reserved slots were filled!

コミュファ光 【NNコミュニケーションズ】

We brought you a report from the Super Commufa Festival MonStDay #1!


The Super Commuter Festival MonStDay #1 was held at the Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA, and many strikers came to the venue and had a great time!
The concept of this event was to unite the general participants, guests, and Commufa staff to enjoy MonSt together.
The atmosphere at the venue suggested that this was a day of enjoying MonSt in various ways, from playing multiplayer games together in the lounge with the general participants and Commufa staff to enjoying the contents prepared for the event.
That's all for now, here is the venue report for MonStDay #1 of the Super Commufa Festival!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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