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Covering the joint booth of "HIKE" and "AQUAPLUS" at TGS2023! Tried out the latest "ANVIL" while feeling the history of "Gyaru-Gei"!


Tokyo Game Show 2023 (TGS2023), one of Japan's largest game festivals, was held from Thursday, September 21 to Sunday, September 24, 2023. HIKE" and " AQUAPLUS " jointly exhibited at TGS2023, so we visited their booth.


We covered the joint booth of "HIKE" and "AQUAPLUS"!

Saiga NAK

The word "AQUAPLUS" stopped me in my tracks. I am not familiar with these genres, but I know "ToHeart2" and "WHITE ALBUM2". Now that I saw them so prominently at the TGS, I was keenly aware that this type of genre has also gained major citizenship.

Monochrome Mobius
Saiga NAK

Monochrome Mobius, a game commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Utawarerumono series, had a steady stream of visitors trying out the game.

Monochrome Mobius and Dungeon Travelers
Saiga NAK

Monochrome Moebius" and "ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers" were the two main attractions at AQUAPLUS.

HIKE booth

Saiga NAK

HIKE is a subsidiary of Pole to Win Holdings. It was created on February 1, 2023, through the merger of CREST, QBIST, and SANETTY Produce. It will be the parent company of AQUAOLUS.

High Score Ranking
Saiga NAK

In front of the booth, there was a high score ranking handwritten by "subspace kneading (@dimegir )". A special mini-game of "CONERU -DIMENSION GIRL-" "Atsumu! Galanium! " was played, and the high scores seemed to be updated on a daily basis. The game is scheduled to be released in April 2024, and the Steam store page is now open, so be sure to add the game to your wish list and wait for more information.

HIKE Title Trial Play Corner
Saiga NAK

At the HIKE booth, a variety of games were on display, including " ALTF4," " BLACK WITCHCRAFT," and " PROJECT TACHYON.

Trying out "ANVIL!

ANVIL" play screen
Saiga NAK

This time, we experienced the Switch version of "ANVIL," a roguelike shooting game that will be released on the Nintendo Switch. It is a game with a hardcore and stylish atmosphere, which is a complete change from the previous AQUAOLUS.

Choosing a Breaker
Saiga NAK

Players explore planets as "breakers" who fight in battle suits with various skills. I chose the Drakeon from among the many battle suits available.

Trial play of "ANVIL
Saiga NAK

A roguelike shooter, ANVIL is an immersive, challenging, yet engrossing game. The game also supports multiplayer and PvP modes for up to three players, so it can be played by multiple players. The Steam version has already been released and can be purchased from the store page.

AQUAOLUS" is a long-established company that has supported the "gal game" genre, and "HIKE" was just born this year and is releasing new games rapidly. We look forward to seeing more of these two companies in the future.


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