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Once again, the fist of the flying dragon! "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game" added the title for the second time this month!

またもや飛竜の拳が!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」に今月2度目のタイトル追加!

au Smart Pass Premium", a benefit for subscribers to "au Smart Pass Premium", allows users to play nostalgic retro games easily on their smartphones.
On November 10, 2020, Dragon Buster was finally added to the service, and a total of 34 classic games can be played as much as you want.
Since November just added a title on the 10th, you'd think the next addition wouldn't come until December at the earliest, but on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the second game title of the month was added!

待望のドラゴンバスターが!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」にタイトル追加!

Two titles with a lot to offer!

Starting Tuesday, November 24, 2020, two new titles have been added to the "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" lineup!
Sequels to recently released titles are now available!

Fist of the Flying Dragon III: Five Dragon Warriors

飛龍の拳III 五人の龍戦士
Fist of the Flying Dragon III: Five Dragon Warriors
auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Spaceship Cosmo Carrier

Spaceship Cosmo Carrier
auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

The third title in the Fist of Hiryu series, " Hiryu no Ken III: Five Dragon Warriors," which was released in the previous two installments, is now available for download!
The Fist of the Flying Dragon series on the Famicom (NES) includes "Hiryu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars," but "Hiryu no Ken III: Five Dragon Warriors" completes the trilogy for the NES version.
Together with " Spaceship Cosmo Carrier," which has a slightly peculiar gameplay, these two titles are very challenging!

Too many titles to play before the end of the year!

With the addition of these two new titles, there are now a total of 36 titles available.
The "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" is also characterized by the large number of challenging titles such as the Fist of the Dragon series, "The Adventures of Valkyrie: The Legend of the Key of Time" and "Super Wagyan Land". It is also a feature of "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games".
As the winter of 2020 is starting to make it a little harder to go out again, let's get through this winter while enjoying retro games in the warmth of our rooms!
For details and system requirements, please check the official "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" website!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" is a benefit for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers.
Not only is it an unlimited video viewing, unlimited music listening, unlimited book reading, and live concert advance reservations, but it is also an unbeatable service that allows you to save even more on au PAY purchases for only 499 yen per month, and it can also be used on other carriers such as docomo and SoftBank! And it's free for 30 days, so you can take advantage of this opportunity.
And since it's free for 30 days, why not take this opportunity to subscribe?
To apply, please visit the official "au Smart Pass" website!



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2 titles this month! Add titles to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"!
2 titles this month! Add titles to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"!...

Then total of 15 titles added "au smart pass premium classic game" of the "a au smart pass, premium" subscriber privilege with which you can

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