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"Momo Tsukino" joins crest Gaming Iris, an esports team operated by Human Academy and Teegaia!

ヒューマンアカデミーとティーガイアが運営するeスポーツチーム「Crest Gaming Iris」に「月野もも」さんが加入!

Crest Gaming Iris, the female division of the e-sports team "Crest Gaming" operated by Human Academy, Inc. in collaboration with T-Gaia Corporation, has announced that "Momo Tsukino," who is active as a TV personality and model, has signed a contract as a female player and joined the team. The team announced that "Momo Tsukino"", a TV personality and model, has signed a contract as a female player and joined the team.

About Momo Tsukino

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Momo Tsukino

Momo Tsukino is a TV personality who is active in commercials and gravure magazines. In the field of video games, she is a member of the "Wilderness Girls Club" that presses "KNIVES OUT" and is active in BS Fuji's program "Wilderness Girls Club Season 2: Now Engaging in Battle", and is a highly skilled female video game player. She is a female player with high game-playing ability.

Momo Tsukino Profile
Date of Birth August 19, 1997
Place of Birth Chiba, Japan
Hobbies Reading manga and playing games
Twitter https://twitter.com/momocslr4

As for future plans, as a member of Crest Gaming Iris, he plans to establish a dedicated YouTube channel and regularly stream on it, as well as appear at e-sports related events.

In addition, the company plans to actively develop collaborations with fashion brands and other companies beyond the framework of e-sports in order to strengthen its brand power.

Unveiling Event
Date and time February 10, 2022 (Thursday) 20:00-21:30
Contents Talk show by Momo Tsukino and Crest Gaming Iris members, and a corner for questions to Momo Tsukino. In addition, a custom match in which viewers can participate to KNIVES OUT with the members will be held. The custom code for participation will be announced in the channel's chat box during the show.
Crest Gaming Iris Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJT1H1VuMRqbNOBCDJ8IR7Q

About Crest Gaming

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Crest Gaming

Crest Gaming is a multi-professional gaming team formed in July 2016 that competes for the top spot in the Japanese League of Legends, and is active in a variety of game titles including Rainbow Six Siege, Identity V 5th Personality, PUBG MOBILE, and VALORANT. In the streamer division, the team is also active in a variety of game titles and is working to communicate the appeal of e-sports to an audience that is unfamiliar with the sport.

They also have a vision to dispel the negative image of games and convey the appeal of e-sports, and are aiming to attract a new fan base for the e-sports industry as a whole by recruiting women as players in order to expand the opportunities for women in the e-sports industry.

For more information, please check the official Crest Gaming website.

Future Development

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Human Academy, the management company of Crest Gaming, will continue to operate Crest Gaming with the aim of nurturing players who can become active on the world stage, and Crest Gaming Iris, a female team jointly operated by Human Academy and T-Gaia, will continue to work with Human Academy to improve the image of e-sports and attract new fans. The company will continue to expand the scope of collaboration with the aim of improving the image of e-sports and attracting a new fan base.

The e-Sports College, which is part of the education division, plans to develop a variety of activities, such as providing practical guidance from players, supervising and creating class curricula, and offering opportunities for students to join teams after graduation. By taking advantage of synergies, the company will also collaborate with the children's education business, nursing care business, and overseas business, and aggressively strengthen e-sports related businesses.


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