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The long-awaited senior position "Battle Master", "Sage" and "Ranger" implementation in Dragon Quest Walk! New Fukubiki "Black Knight Equipment Fukubiki" is also added!


The "Metal Festival" was a great success. Dragon Quest Walk," a collaborative event with Suntory, also started.
The previously announced " Advanced Job " was implemented with the update on January 28, 2020 (Tuesday) at 15:00.
We would like to share the details with you, including the newly added equipment yukin, and the familiar explosion of the Saiga NAK editorial department!

街中にリアルかいふくスポット登場!サントリー × ドラクエウォーク コラボイベント開催!

The long-awaited "Advanced Job" has been implemented!

Advanced Positions

The "Advanced Profession" is a combination of two of the "basic professions" (warrior, martial artist, monk, wizard, and thief) that have existed from the beginning, and can be changed by reaching Lv. 50 or higher. The new "Battle" is a profession that can be changed by raising two of the following professions to lvl. 50 or higher. This update introduces three types of "advanced professions": battle masters, wizards, and rangers.
The following is a detailed description of each of these "advanced professions.
First, check out the basic job combinations required to change to a higher level job!

Requirements for changing to a higher level job

Check to see if you are at Lv. 50 or higher in the required job, and let's change!

Battle Master

Battle Master

This is an advanced job that requires both the Warrior and the Martial Artist to be at least lvl. 50.
While the base job is specialized in attack, the "Battle Master" is a specialist in slashing, body techniques, and all sorts of other skills, and has strong offensive capabilities.
Since the "Battle Master" is a key profession for attackers, it is recommended to have at least one in your party.

Wise man

Wise man

This is an advanced profession that can be changed from "monk" and "wizard" to "sage" by reaching Lv. 50 or higher.
They are spell professionals who are proficient in offensive and restorative spells.
You can play the role of a "monk" who recovers and assists, or you can play the role of a "wizard" who attacks with powerful spells.



The ranger is an advanced job that can be changed from a martial artist or a thief to a ranger at level 50 or above.
They are tactical experts who can change the course of battle with their quick attacks and assistance.
Having one in your party will give you an advantage in battle.
Their attack power is not low, so it may be a good idea to have one in your party as a suicide attack leader.

All of the "advanced" positions have higher abilities than the basic positions, and they all learn powerful nails and magic spells!
In the past, it was sometimes impossible to complete high difficulty quests even at lvl 50 or above, but if you challenge them with a party of advanced players, you may be able to clear them!

More than just abilities! Characteristics of Advanced Professionals

Advanced level positions not only have higher abilities, but also have special effects.
First of all, each advanced level job has its own "unique characteristics " that will help you advance in battle.

Unique Characteristics

Battle Master" is "anger".

At the beginning of each turn, the damage of slashes and body attacks is occasionally increased.
This is an attack-specific trait that can be used to turn the tables in a pinch.

Wise Master" is "Mountain Bird".

When casting a spell, sometimes the spell will be cast twice in a row. However, the power of the second spell is reduced.
If you activate the spell when you use a general spell, you can win battles with multiple monsters faster, and you can also gain an advantage in boss battles if you attack the boss's weak attribute.

Ranger" is "Shadow Binding".

The ranger can occasionally give a rest to the attacker.
Each time it succeeds, it becomes more difficult to apply it, but even once it is applied, it can change the game to your advantage.

In addition, the number of slots for equipping the " Heart of the Monster " has been increased by one to four!

Slot for the heart

The slots are two-color heart slots, so there is a wider range of combinations.

New "Dark Knight Equipment Fob" has started!

The newly added equipment discount is the "Dark Knight Equipment Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware!

Dark knight equipment discount!

The " Scythe of the Moon Shadow ", which deals 245% dolma damage to all enemies, can be used with the " Yari of Ever Darkness ", and other equipment that strengthens the dolma attribute will be picked up!
In addition, if a "Battle Master" equips it, it will have additional abilities, so you can think of it as equipment for Battle Masters, can't you?

The javelin of everlasting darkness
Helm of the Dark Knight
Dark knight's armor top
Dark knight's armor bottom

The regular explosion(?) Collection

The editorial staff of Saiga NAK had a spectacularly bad experience in the last "Metal Fest Fubiki".
In fact, the author drew the lottery ticket later and got the "Sword of Metasura," so technically speaking, it may not have been a bombed-out lottery.
But the question is whether or not you get the pickup the first time you pull it!
I pulled the "Dark Knight Equipment Fukubiki" right away!

Result of the author: band member


The author converted her accumulated frequent flyer miles into a subsidy ticket and drew two 10-rounds together with gems.
Although I did not get any pickups, I did get two 5* items. I was happy because I don't have a "Wild Beret"!
I got 4 "Matador Suit Underwear" at once in the second round, but I guess that's because I'm not doing so well on a daily basis...

LAN cable man's result


LAN Cable Man, Nash Tajima 's boss, who, like the author, turned his accumulated frequent flyer miles into a subsidy ticket and drew two 10-rounds along with gems.
The first time, he got two 5★ items, and the second time, he got a "Onigumo no Shield," which he did not have!
Although he didn't get any pickups, the results were not bad.

Results of Charity Type

Charity type results

Charity type, who could not take advantage of the "Metal Festival" because he was abroad, went for one 10-round lottery.
No pickups came out, but I did get a 5★ "Triumphant Song Under Armor" that I did not have!
The fact that a rare 5★ came out may have exorcised the karma I had carried from using the charity type.

Overall, 5s appeared, but not a single pickup! Again, I'm reluctant!

Let's take to the streets with our new profession!

Since its release, Dracula Walk has hosted a variety of events, but now that the "Advanced Profession" has been added, we can go on adventures with a new spirit!
Although only three types of advanced jobs were added this time, I hope that the "Paladin" (martial artist + monk) and the "Mage Swordsman" (warrior + wizard) will be added in the near future!
I am currently a martial artist lvl 39, so my first step is to get my main character to lvl 50.... I wonder if they will hold another "Metal Festival"....
For more details, please check the announcement in the Dragon Quest Walk app and the official Dragon Quest Walk Twitter account!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Real good spot appeared in the city! Suntory × Dragon QuestWalk collaboration event held!
Real good spot appeared in the city! Suntory × Dragon QuestWalk collaboration event held!...

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