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[Flash Report] series latest work "Dragon Quest XII Selected Flame of Fate" is officially announced!

【速報】シリーズ最新作「ドラゴンクエストXII 選ばれし運命の炎」が正式発表!

Square Enix will celebrate the 35th anniversary of " Dragon Quest " on Thursday, May 27, 2021.
To commemorate the 35th anniversary, "Dragon Quest" 35th anniversary special program was aired on May 27, 2021 (Thu.) from 12:00 pm to deliver the latest information on the "Dragon Quest" series.
Among them, there was the announcement that surprised and delighted everyone the most, and that they had been anticipating the most!
The latest in the Dracula series has been announced!

The official announcement of Dracula XII!

The latest title in the Dragon Quest series, " Dragon Quest XII: The Chosen Fate of the Flame " has been officially announced!
The title, logo, and "Why do people live? The PV was released, but it only includes the title, logo, and the phrase " Why do we live?
I would like to see more information, but it seems that there is not much to announce yet, so we will have to be patient.
But I am very happy to hear that it has been officially announced!

Yuji Horii' s information in the special program was that it will be a Dragon Quest for adults with a slightly darker feel.
It sounds like it will be a scenario where you are forced to make choices and decide how to live your life.
And what's more, they're going to revamp the command battles that the series is known for!
However, it will not be a completely new system, but rather a system that fans of the series will be able to play smoothly.
The release date is still undecided, and the platform is still a secret, but they are aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release.
More information will be announced in the near future! Let's look forward to it!


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Celebrated 35th anniversary! "Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special Edition" broadcast decision! Is there an announcement of Dragon Quest 12!?
Celebrated 35th anniversary! "Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special Edition" bro...

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