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The world's largest game trade fair "E3" will be held both online and offline in 2023!


Over the past few years, many events have been cancelled or postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.
Although more and more events in genres that are held directly in front of the public, such as live music concerts and stage performances, are being held online, the gaming industry was one of the first to hold online events.
However, no matter how well suited the industry is to online events and how much know-how it possesses, the difficulty of holding offline events has been a considerable blow.
One such event is "E3," the world's largest video game trade show.
In 2021, the event was held online, but in 2022, it was announced in January that the offline event would be canceled, and in April, it was announced that the online event would also be canceled.
Usually, the month of June is dominated by new information announced at E3, but after a rather quiet June, we have some exciting news as we move into July!
E3 will be held next year in 2023!

世界最大のゲームイベント「E3 2022」が新型コロナウイルスの影響によりオフライン開催の中止を発表

Both online and offline!

"E3 2023"開催決定!
E3 2023 is coming!

E3 2023 will be held in the second week of June 2023!
ReedPop, the owner of PAX(@pax) and many other gaming media, will be our new partner for the event.
The venue will be the Los Angeles Convention Center, where there will be an online digital showcase as well as an in-person offline event open to the public!
"This will be the first time since E3 2019, so it's really the first offline event in four years.
Online events are also very exciting, but you can't experience that unique atmosphere when you visit the event, and it's even more exciting to see what's going on at the offline venue when you're watching online.
And since this is the first offline "E3" in a long time, I have a feeling that each manufacturer will have big news to share!
Let's wait for more news, including which Japanese manufacturers will be attending!
For more information on the announcements, please check GamesIndustry.biz!


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